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I have been Photographing since 1988.

Located in Tasmania since 1998 I has enjoyed the Holland Like Landscapes around the state,I would not miss it for the world.

As an Action Sports Rider(BMX) for 10 years,I have seen sports progress from early childhood up to current day.

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New Equipment.

I have recently upgraded to the Sony A55 from a sony A330. Since my a330 had internal damage done by a few girls in the street, i have recently got the item repaired by the best guys in the country. thanks to Jan at progear for organising the repair of the camera that shot tony trujillo back to life. and the sony A55 is a great addition to my kit. as i now have a Portrait camera(a330) and a lands…
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Thank You

Thank you for whoever it was that bought a sticker from my collection. / Very Muchly Appreciated.
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Water,Water Everywhere.

I recently noticed that i have watermarks on my images and have now rendered them without the marks. this was an automated process via pshop that i had no control over while batching them and uploading them. I have now disabled the watermarking on my images. This way the only watermarks that will go to print are from the studio. I do think that it has been long awaited to stop watermarking images…
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