Meeting my face.

This is a challenge and was going to push my boundries I stood and raised my camera to my eye and through the view finder I saw my own reflection in the mirror, I lowered the camera.

I stood looking at my reflection at the lines upon my face that showed smile lines from laughter and smiles but also the deep lines of hurt and pain of the passing years, the eyes that have seen so much and can look and still see with out a word having to be passed. As I stood and looked the deeper darker boxes that I have in my mind remind me of why I do not look, of the things that have been said and you listen and absorb and eventually you beleive them to be true you are………..

But the challenge had started and a self portraite was needed , I raised my camera and started to shoot away, some images blurred, some not even my face on the image as I was not looking through the view finder, but then slowly a smile, edge of a smile came to my face as I paused and looked through the view finder, this was starting to be fun, I looked more and closer and noticed the light on my face and a slow warmth rose up and started to fill me as a smile appeared upon my face.

Time to uploade the images I thought so as I sat in front on the computer screen I pushed the button and the journey continued, there in front of me was 76 images of me, some blurred out of focus, ceiling shots and then their was me, just looking back at me. I do not look at my face each day I may see the reflection in the mirror but I do not see me, here was me Just me

As I looked I saw fine smile lines as I am always quick to smile and laugh, eyes that are hazel and green and show my soul to the world, skin that has been weathered by the Tropics and British weather and hair no matter what I try has a mind of its own just like me,and hands that have worked hard and show the signs but now held a camera to show me my face.

I up loaded a imagecalled * Just Me* onto redbubble for all to see. No alteration or soft focus is there but the 48 year old me the face I came to look and see and noticed for the first time was me. I travelled a journey today and the chains that have bound me have slipped away, my face is my face and I like JUST ME.

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Those that have seen my upload of the image Just me will see that it has been a interesting day for me. A reverlation or a crystallising moment for me. The chains have fallen and I now feel free.
To the point i will do more images of me. : )


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A Magpie when it comes to photography I capture anything and everything that captures my eye and lens. A beginner in this field I love how the ordinary becomes less ordinary.
All images copyrighted to me Karen Betts.

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  • chijude
    chijudealmost 5 years ago

    Glad to know those chains are off!! Enjoy yourself … your whole self!!!

  • HI Jude, thank youi for your lovely words, well i have started at the top and will work my way down slowly. may have to do some hand and feet shots soon se how that feels.

    – Karen Betts

  • chijude
    chijudealmost 5 years ago

    I will miss that red nose …. but it is lovely to see more of your beautiful face!!

  • well i might put the red nose one back as it stood out well in my feed line, thats if i can find it on the hard drive, but thought a posative move to add the face of me now.

    – Karen Betts

  • LouJay
    LouJayalmost 5 years ago

    This is lovely! I was wondering whether you would change your redbubble identity! You get out there girl!!
    How inspiring to be included in a small way, a zillion miles around the world in your very personal journey.

  • Hi Lou thank you for thje lovely comment i thought it was a posative move, but i may put the red nose image back as so much easier to spot to see if i have leaft a comment on a bit of work in groups, and it did show my sense of humour. It is great to have all my friends all across the world share this journey with me, i feel i am not alone and if i hit a dark place and the chains come back on you will all be there to help.

    – Karen Betts

  • Jeannie Peters
    Jeannie Petersalmost 5 years ago

    i love it :)

  • Dianne English
    Dianne Englishover 4 years ago

    Thanks so much for sharing yourself so candidly and honestly Karen. I only know you through Redbubble and your warmth and joy shine through….. that’s who you are, we aren’t the wrinkles and blotches on our faces we are the woman inside!!!

  • Lois  Bryan
    Lois Bryanabout 4 years ago

    what a wonderful experiment, Karen!!!!!!! I truly enjoyed reading about your journey … I am hurrying over to find the image now!!!!!!

  • Evelyn Bach
    Evelyn Bachover 3 years ago

    Wonderful. I salute you.

  • Colleen2012
    Colleen2012over 2 years ago

    WOW, that is hilarious and so well written. I adore the honesty, humility, acceptance and gratitude, you so well capture in the character. It’s going in my favs – right now. Colleen2012

  • MidnightMelody
    MidnightMelodyover 2 years ago

    So true! Self acceptance is very important! I have just looked at our latest holiday photos and wonder who that elderly female is holding a camera. Comparing them with past photos of me, I’d give anything to be able to acquire my former image, which I was highly dissatisfied with at the time. I am now at the stage of wondering how much worse it can get! However the real “us” lives inside of our bodies and beauty is only skin deep. I have known many galmour pusses, who though themselves a cut above everybody else, when really they were little more than empty shells.

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