Karen  Betts

Karen Betts

Harleston, United Kingdom

Im still around but little time to comment at the moment.

Dear friends and hosts of groups I work alongside and groups I’m in,

Sorry I am not leaving comments on your works, features and messages in your fab groups or being much help as a host. I am snowed under at this end with only 2 weeks to the wedding I have other things on my mind. How has it happened I have only 2 weeks before I get married?

To say I’m a little stressed would be a fair comment my calendar is jam packed i’ve even taken over Simons side to fit in the appointments and other things to sort like car service, mot, another trip to the dentist to get 3rd temporary filling due to a tooth abscess, 3rd dressing fitting as I kept tripping over the length.
Grace picking up the wrong bridesmaid dress to be altered and got her sisters meghan’s dress altered not her own. lol Glad to say megahn can get into the size 6 just. All adds to the memories of wedding planning.

So hopefully after the 9th september I will be back to some sort of normality as would of also got Grace driven and moved in her house back to uni and Meghan seen off for her 3 month stay over in New zealand.

Perhaps I might find I’m bored?

Just wanted to say you are in my thoughts dear friends even if I am not commenting or B mailing you.

Karen : )

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