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7 weeks and counting

Well I realised that I had not written a journal for sometime and thought it was high time I updated you with the going on my end.

Well as I type as the heading says it is approx only 7 weeks away from my marriage to Simon how the months have flown since he asked me last September. I have a beautiful diamond solitaire ring on my finger that we eventually got round to getting nearer Christmas. Have to say it really sparkles in the sunlight and I was in awe of having such a beautiful ring to wear also worried I would damage it or miss place it as I do not always wear it due to work.

As only a girl knows you know when it is the right ring it just speaks to you when you place it on your finger. I tried many on in the shop to make doubly sure I had picked the right one.

Mixed in with that was finding a venue and then making up the guest list and 101 choices to make. Venue is a wonderful old barn near our home 10 minutes down the road with wonderful garden and courtyard to relax and chill in. We can be there all day and have a room over night in the B&B joining the venue. So no dashing about as we will be married in the barn and lunch in the marquee.

As we will be getting married at 4pm we are having a relaxed family and close friend lunch before the serious side starts. Well you know us it will not be that serious it is going to be relaxed and hopefully captures us as a couple perfectly.

I have to say 2nd time round in getting married so much harder as things have changed so since I got married in 1983. There is so much choice out there and what do you need and what do you not need.?

Well I do have my dress I was shoved screaming and shouting into a wedding dress shop by my 2 girls saying " Come Mum you have to at least look and try some on" as you can tell did not really want to do that bit at all.

1, I was in my comfortable old underwear as out city shopping you need to be comfortable.

2. Hate changing rooms with a passion and trying on clothes.

The lady that helped was a delight so helpful and got my 2 girls involved , they picked dresses they thought I would suit she selected some and I selected a couple. So off we went into a huge area to start trying on the dresses. The Lady did encourage me that I could really not try them on in my jeans. ummm so had to take them off as well.
I’m known for trying dresses on with jeans around my knees and trainers on, not going to work for this try on session.

So the dresses came and went girls very involved in saying what they thought me not really enjoying the experience but then slowly by dress number 5 I started to enjoy the experience. Seeing my shape appear in the dresses and what style may be best for me. it came down to 2 dresses one that I put on that seemed to select me and the last on that made both my girls cry when they saw me in it. Another try on and in the end it was the one the lady had selected and the girls had gone wow at.
I cannot say anything else as my other half may read this. : ) But a photo will be put up after the day.

All the other bits have been got to go with it, my 2 even got me to try on SPANX pants well it was a experience they fitted from my bra to just above my knees but made everything feel squashed to the front and I could not bend forward. So back to good comfortable underwear for the wedding. I’m too old for thongs with diamante on them or silk boxers with ribbons.

The theme of the day is coming together which is relaxing in your back garden, so garden flowers, Gnome or 2, tubs of flowers and alpines.

I am trying to figure out the music for the ceremony as we cannot have anything religious and we need to have it sorted by Tuesday. So I have a good list that I am listening to, want something a bit fitting but also fun so Kiss the girl from the little mermaid is on the list as my 2 girls both said it had to be there as part of their history and Simons daughter loved the film. Also the words are quiet fitting even if it is sung by a Lobster.

Simon continues to show his love and care for me, buying things for the wedding just because he wants to even if I say we don’t need to and the cost. He has let me know over the last few months how he is looking forward to the wedding and it is so the right thing to do. For me that is confirmation that he really meant the words those months ago.

To get used to us being in front of the camera we had a pre wedding shoot last weekend. I was NOT looking forward to doing it me in front of the camera never but I have to say once I got used to it I had a great time and loved it we had so much laughter and daft moments and there are some images that just capture the bond between Simon and me.

If I can figure out how to add the link to this I will do, or I am on Facebook and if you wish you can have a look that way you just need the pass word.

The weeks ahead are going to be frantic, still not got flowers organised, bunting to make, favours to complete and other bits to get sorted but sure it will call come together in the end. Everyone will be fed and watered and in the evening we can dance the night away.

Thank you to all my friends on here who has supported me in this journey and gotten to know my Journey, I cannot believe that I would of know Simon 9 years next month just before we are married, how times fly when you are having fun.

I will keep you up to date with things when I get a chance, A image will appear on RB as soon as we can after the wedding.

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