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Nothing Left to Say?

I haven’t written a journal entry here on Redbubble in quite some time, this compelled me to write something. Then I pulled up my blank page and found I don’t really have anything compelling to say. So I guess you can say I have been driven to bore you to tears, or not, we’ll see how it goes. / Back in 1994 I took a job at a steakhouse while attending UNLV, I recently landed bac…
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A Lesson is Faith

Sometimes I may take self pity to an epic level but in the end I always look to the sky and say: “ok God, what else do you have to throw at me!”. He always seems to have more and yet no matter what test he throws my way, I am ready to take it. I have let so much get to me over the years, sucked into other people’s drama and always wanting to be the savior. I may not have what Ch…
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Evolution, Creationism, and You

Such a strange argument to have really. Why is it that the supporters of "inelegant design " don’t just say “of course there is evolution, it’s all part of intelligent design”. Seems obvious that if God created man through Adam and Eve, and in some circles Lilith, in the garden of Eden that he knew his creations would start to spread out across the globe and made…
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Sometimes as an artist you have an idea in your head that is futile to attempt to sell as a writer in published purgatory but you just can’t help but do it anyway. I decided to undertake such a writing project, a Star Wars Universe piece. I have watched a lot of The Clone Wars series with my daughter and alone, have been reading an Old Republic book and a really cool idea started festering …
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