Chelmsford, United Kingdom

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I love taking photos, i wish i could do it all day long!!
I started taking an interest in it about six years ago and am now hooked!!!

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A Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas to everyone!! / A very big thanks for all comments, suggestions and help over the last couple of months. I hope you all really enjoy the holiday season, hopefully it will be a good chance to take some photos!! / See you all in the new year!!!
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Hey / Just wanted to say how pleased i am that we can get some calendars before xmas!!! yipee!!! / Thanks
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Hey all / Just wondering how you put links for categories on your profile page?? I can’t seem to do it and I’m not sure if I’m just missing something?? / Please any help would be great / Thanks
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Addicted already!!!

I have to say how nice his site is, everyone has been so kind with their comments. It has really encouraged me to continue with my photography, its a shame that i have to do my day job really, but i think its the same for most of us!!
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