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Did you all see this?

Just curious if you all saw my latest shot and if it showed up at all. I didn’t think it was that bad but only 2 comments has me kind of worried….either that or it isn’t showing up at all. Hmmmm stumped.

Calendars & More!

Well I just created my very first calendar, and in the days to come as I become more active than ever on here, I will also be adding more calendars & a bunch of new Tshirts aimed with the photographer and Nature Lover in mind. Watch out for them, as these will be rather unique!

Hope you all are having a GREAT Saturday today!

Share This now on RB huh?

I swear if I hear ONE person on this site scream “Art Theft!” I am going to come unglued. Those from deviantART know EXACTLY what I am talking about. I would imagine though the crowd and audience here on RB is quite different, and I am hoping that maturity level is as well.

Good call RB on adding this in though! About time! Thank you!

The Fine Art of Landscape Photography Group

Wow, so I think Nolan and myself will have to bring on some other moderators to help us with the Fine Art of Landscape Photography Group I got a note from someone asking why their image was still awaiting to be accepted or rejected and logged in to find over 250 pages of images awaiting moderation….whoa! lol That is like over 3,000 images awaiting….I was not expecting that at all. So the hunt is on, to find us a few helpers. Those of you who have images awaiting, please be patient, Noland and I both have been very busy the last month as this is our busy time of the year as photographers, with it being Fall/Autumn.

Thanks all!

Mixing It Up!

Greetings all.

Thought I would write a little something really quick as a sort of response to what a couple of you said in my previous journal and how people were not commenting.

I know that many of you watch me on both here, RedBubble, and also on deviantART, so it got me to thinking some, and I think I may have the issue kind of solved. A couple of you said that you watch me on both sites, and in fact, many watch watch me on both sites, and often times it seems the work can overlap between here and deviantart. So I came up with a plan.

I am going to start to attempt this from happening to often. If I have teh same images uploaded between the 2 sites I will do my best to spread them out more. I will say this, those of you who watch me between the 2 sites; you will now more than likely se…

Does no one comment anymore?

So I was thinking that the comments that I receive on RedBubble have drastically died off, not sure as to why, but it seems hardly anyone comments on my work anymore. I was trying to figure this out but I can not. I have all these people who watch me on here but I am now lucky if I get 5 comments on a piece it seems. Never used to be that way, I used to get a heck of a lot more than that. I am debating about going through my watch list on here and just clearing it and starting it over, leaving the ones who do comment, and seeking out some people who are active.

I think getting feedback on ones work is vital and essential, it is something which we all look fwd to each and everyday when we upload something on to RedBubble. It is nice to hear praise and people’s thoughts, to have us to…

It's Autumn In Colorado and how the shutter clicks!


My busiest time of the year, with over 4,000 shots taken in the last 2 weeks alone….and do I ever have a few to share with you all to come, get ready! Those of you who follow me on DA, you may see a couple image syou recognize, but I will do my best to split them up some between here and there. If you all would like to keep on my journeys be sure to follow my photoblog at http://jdebordphoto.blogspot.com/ and also on Twitter at @kkartphoto My website is always chalked full of images and can be seen at www.jdebordphoto.com If you look under 2009 Photoshoots, you will find "Autumn/Fall 2009. It is there that I have been busy and need to add a LOT more and will be.

I also wish to say a thank you’s, whomever is purchasing my prints framed from here, I really apprecia…

Howdy Folks!

Howdy Folks!
Been awhile hasn’t it? I think a little to long personally! In the last couple of weeks I have sold no less than 3 very large framed prints on here, 2 in a 48 hour period…whomever you are that purchased these photographs, I can’t thank you enough! Perhaps you can drop me a line showing them hung on your walls, and I can put those on my blog, I love seeing my work in action! I honestly really appreciate it a LOT, and there is simply no greater compliment than any artist can have, ever!

I suppose you can certainly say I know where to sell my work at now….and I admit, I have been utterly slacking on here, well….let’s just say this was a gigantic huge kick in the rear end for me, and quite a wake up call….and says exactly why I should be s…

Got Social?

Got Social?

I am curious, does anyone else use twitter? I am simply amazed bt the amount of photographers on there and the amount of photographers I have met. There are some pretty big names on there, and it has really helped me in promoting my work to a huge audience, not to mention seeing some incredible images and getting a lot of news about the industry.

I can be found here on twitter and if you currently use it, you may wish to look through the people I watch and a few yourself :) I am seriously just amazed.

I do believe that it is time that RedBubble gets their butts on there and starts promoting the site, hell, everyone else is on there already! Get ’er done!


Very confused--RB & Taxes

I just wrote this in the forums here
“RB & Taxes-I am confused! ":http://www.redbubble.com/groups/redbubble/forum...

Maybe some of you can help me here as well. Because this makes NO sense at all. Here is what I posted….

_Ok I received this email of a sale:

Retail Price: £25.88 (includes £3.38 tax)
Manufacturing fee: £15.00 (includes £0.00 tax)
You’ll receive: £7.50 (converted to US$10.88 at the current exchange rate of 1GBP = 1.451USD)
VAT Withholding: We will send £3.38 to the UK government as VAT tax.

Ok a few questions here.
I am American, WHY am I paying VAT tax to the UK Government? That makes NO sense at all. Heck, there is NO sales in the US on internet purchases even. (unles you are buying something from a business in your …

Amazing really

Ahhh my dA watchers, if you guys only knew the stuff I have seen in the last 24 hours,,,,

Amazing really. It really is to. RB is kinda my little hideaway along with a few other choice places that I hang out at when I am not pulling duty over on deviantART as a Gallery Moderator. Many of you here know me from dA, heck, some of you I actually brought over here from there!

No one really understands what we go through with being staff/volunteer on there, it is really a daunting task, and is far from easy. We see it all, believe me, and one of the things I was told when I first became a Gallery Moderator by another “GM” was “You will certainly find out exactly WHO your friends are”. Ya you can certainly say that again, especially with the last 24 hours.

I love that site…

News You Can Use!

Greetings folks!
Hope ya all are ok out there and staying warm in photography land.
Thought that I would pass on a few things here….my watchers from deviantART will have to excuse me on this lol I am sure you have all read it by now. But the folks from RB haven’t….

Just thought I would show ya all what I have been busy with lately and I hope it can benefit all you as much as it has the others :)

But before I go any farther I wish to thank the group American Southwest for featuring my shot below! I really appreciate it!

So I have been really busy as a Gallery Moderator over on deviantART for the Photography>Animals, Plants & Nature section lately, and with it, I have been nusy bringing some very well known and respected professional Nature Photographers to the site…

Hard Times....

Where do I even start this at….not even sure I can really fine all the words…

These last few weeks sure haven’t gone really well or as I intended, well, maybe the last couple of months really, kinda in a slump really, not so much with my photography but financially…seems the worlds economy has snuck up on me and bite me in my ass pretty hard, well, I take that back, very hard.

I don’t sell much with regards to my photography, not nearly as much as I would like to, I see all these people on RB making sales and me, well I hardly get any at all. Hardly any…last time was over 3 months ago. And now I am being forced to figure out a way I can sell more on here, just so I can essentially put food on my damn table, it isn’t fun, let me tell you all. It…

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