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The Rush is on!

Well howdy there folks, it has been awhile hasn’t it?? How ya all been doing?…

Wow what a crazy last 6 weeks or so.,….and now The Rush is on as I stated. Currently I am in the midst of processing several 1000s of photos…yeah you read right, several 1000s.l..Autumn is my busy season and Colorado is akin to paradise. I have been all over the place shooting and as it now winds down, and as I start to process, my thoughts turn to getting a lot of these images up here on good old RB for sale.

I honestly believe that I shot some of my best work ever over the last 6 weeks, the atmosphere at times I was able to capture was simply amazing…thunderstorms and the sunlight reflecting on the leaves makes for high contrast heaven! I honestly have a LOT to show and share, so I hope ya all don’t kill me if

Photoshoots, Thunderstorms, Mountains, and Wildflowers!

I spose I will prolly CC this on my photoblog It needs an update anyhow.…

First off I discovered this place and no I wish I stayed there, what a place…..


The weather here is Denver has been hot as Hades so Saturday I decided I had just flat out had enough. I packed up my gear and headed out at 2pm, destination: Winter Park and Tabernash, Colorado. When I left town it was 104. On the way there at the top of Berthoud Pass, just outside Winter Park, it was like a massage for the body from Mother Nature—-almost 13,000 feet high, 70mph, windows rolled down, and 49 degrees!!!

I gotta say I discovered some places that I had never been before, and getting out in this backroads in the country here can lead to some incredible photo-opps and this time wouldn’t disappoint. There is a lot to be

Welcome my fellow Deviants!

Welcome my fellow Deviants!

Greetings to all of you that took my advice in my journal over on deviantArt and came over here to RedBubble! There have been quite a few it seems to come on over and explore things. This place is quite different than DA as you may be finding out, but the differences I feel are also better as you will see. So I thought that I would go ahead and throw a little primer together for you guys, kinda a FYI for ya! I hope this helps you guys! I also am going to feature a few works from some of ya down below :)

1) RedBubble is FOR the Artist!—- DA charges people for having a ‘subscription’ and also a ‘premium prints subscription’. When a user does NOT have a premium print subscription, they can only make 10% profit of their sales. When they have a premium subscriptio

A Rare Photo Opportunity

This past Sunday, I found out I had connections in places I didn’t know I had them. Seems my Dad is friends with the people who own and train the world famous Lippizan and Arab Horses. On Sunday we headed up to their huge ranch, but the trainer said the Lippizan’s could not be shown at that time when I was there, and I should call back on Tuesday as Tuesday is usually good…..so I left my number with them.
They called me yesterday when I was out and about, unexpectedly, saying I should come up to the Ranch right away. See, this is why I NEVER leave home without my gear! lol I BOLTED! When I arrived I was greeted by the caretaker and trainer. Who said “come over here, The Arabians are here!” And so, I thought “Ahhh those ARE Arabians afterall”….however when I asked, he said yes, but they are…

I just don't get it.....

I just don’t get it…I really don’t.

How is it that deviantArt can justify charging a massive markup to non-print accout subscribers for when they want to purchase their very own art, when they can go directly to the source, ezprints.com and order it much cheaper. AM I missing something here?

I invite you all to read my latest blog entry in my journal on deviantART which calls this into question, with some interesting answers for the administration there. The Raping of Artist’s on DA—-UPDATED!

In it I mention Redbubble…I think we will be getting quite a lotta familiar faces soon over here….something just doesn’t sound nor smell right with all this! And honestly, it makes me quite sad…..

So....I am back!

So here I am…anyone been wondering where I have been lately?!? lol I honestly just haven’t had much in the way of time…I have been totally inundated over on DA and when I haven’t been doing that, I have been shooting like a madman……

The Mount Evans Wilderness called my name no less than 3x, went down to Garden of the Gods when it was draped in a deep fog for some very surreal shots, Rocky Mountain National Park…3 times, Berthoud and Jones Pass….and on and on. I have been a photography shooting fool as of late I tell ya! I think I need to hire a team to help me edit my now more than 5000 images I have waiting to be processed.

Oh ya, broke my tooth in 1/2 too while shooting up in RMNP munching on Trail Mix the other day. Wonderful huh? Toothaches suck, let me tell ya!

I also started a photob

The Struggle I've Been Through

Greetings everyone who watches me, how ya all doing out there? Look, I owe ya all an explanation and an apology for not commenting or even being around here lately….life sometimes throws us some really big curve balls and well, March was of no exception at all. My health has really gotten pretty crappy and well, things in my personal life pretty much crumpled by the wayside with a lotta dreams I had….so it has been a very trying and stressful last month for me. What little time I have had, I have tried to get out and shoot some….though the last few times was odd…for once, I really didn’t feel like shooting when I was out clicking the shutter. I simply couldn’t relax my body, soul, & mind like I usually can. I would sit there and try to take a shot and my hands would just start shaking fro…

Tuesday Morning Photo Ramblings

Damn it’s early, but I woke up wide awake….strange how that can happen…lol Anyways, how is everyone doing out there in Photoland?? Good I hope! I have been busy shooting like a madman lately, need to get some more stuff in to the stock sites that I am on, as I am saving for my new gear! I think I am gonna go for the upcoming Sony Alpha A350…the 14MP will allow me a lotta flexability when shooting wildlife. I am also either going with the Sigma “Bigma” 50-500mm lens or the upcoming Tamron 70-200 F2.8 with a 2x Tele….have to wait to hear the reviews on that combo first.…

This weekend saw me shooting up at Guanella Pass up along the Continental Divide…and it saw me have a hair rasing experience like no other. There is no winter maintence on the road up there but all looked ok. Well Idecided t

I'm Back!

Well greetings all, I am now officially back in action! Took a much needed vacation and headed down to Southern Colorado and New Mexico to do some shooting. So how was it? Well “The Land of Enchantment” lived up to it’s name, providing me with many great shots, and what I loved the most, subject matter than I wouldn’t find here! Let me just say that Santa Fe is one of the most amazing cities I have ever seen…it is rich in history and art, and every where you turned, it was a photo-opp. The architecture there is nothing short of amazing and needless to say, I did a whole series entitled “The Doors of Santa Fe”….this is something which I have always always wanted to do and I got my chance. I think all in all I could easily live in NM, it reminds me a lot of Colorado, though with a more prof…

Links, Features, News

Greetings Everyone

I hope you all are ok out there in photoland….it’s been a pretty rough ride for my here personally this last week, trips to the ER, getting sick, my x-father in law passing away over in Germany, and a personal life that looks more like a frickin car wreck! Yeah I am in serious need of a vacation, and my trip to Arches once again is postponed this week, cuz I am so sick, so next week is now in order. So naturally I am anxious to pick up the camera and do some serious shooting! How are you all doing???

I woke up this AM coughing and feeling the plane crash I am, to find a nice lil note in my inbox saying I have been accepted into the RPA-Real Photographers Alliance. Sweet! Hell ya, that works! Thanks!

Well I thought that what I would do is copy from latest journal over fr

Well, here I be!

Howdy and salutations folks! Hope ya’all had a GREAT Holiday! I am about to totally inundate you guys with a massive attack of images, so don’t fret! I just have a lotta stuff I wanna get up for sale. Most (if not all) are from my photoshoot on New Years Day, so you people who are on DA and also here get to see them a LOT faster than you would on DA :) In the meantime I am still a hurting unit after busting my ass (just about as literal as you can get) while shooting those Elk and slipping and falling on the ice. Thank Goodness my tripod has snowshoes on it (metal steel jaws for winter) otherwise I would have smacked my head probably as well. The rise back down to Denver was a total bitch and a half, I was in utter complete pain….thankfully my Mom came with me as she has a Golden Eagle P…

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