The Musings of a Photographer

Merry Christmas everyone, sorry I have been a tad absent as of late of around here….need to get that fixed. So how ya all doing?? Spose I am ok for the most part…

I just wanted to take a few seconds and apolagize ahead of time for the uploads….I have a lot of new work that I am VERY anxious to get up here for sale. Also I wish to thank those of you whom have recently purchased my photos and my Tshirts! I honestly really appreciate it! I have a few more ideas for shorts, so stay tuned!

Well that be about all for the moment, hope this finds everyone in great Holiday Spirit! Be safe and keep shooting!


Why We Photograph.....

Why I am writing this at some ungodly hour of the morning is really beyond me, I am not even sure…..blame on me sitting here looking, thinking, taking in, reading into, seeing, all the images on Red Bubble. I suppose at 5:52 in the morning, under-coffee’d, let’s the mind wander, especially when viewing art.…

In fact, it made me wonder straight to the topic of this journal……“Why We Photograph….”

For me, it is not easy to describe nor easy to write about. It is rather personal in some ways, and obvious in others. It is about feeding my creative right brain, … is funny when I sit here editing a shot how I get lost in “the zone” and my world around me almost stops….the same way it did when I used to draw and paint. Therapy. Plain and simple. It is my meditation…..

This is one simple aspect

Thanks ya'all!

Just a fast Thanks to everyone for the comments that they give me. I spose in some sense I am still struggling as I really want to sell more, but it’s the way it goes. I am really busy at the moment, so sorry if I haven’t been around much to comment, I am in the middle of moving. So it has been quite hectic lately. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone and for the support! Now while I have a minute I am running to photograph the sunrise, we’ll see how it goes :)

Wow...Front Page Feature!

Wow color me shocked, it seems RedBubble awarded my latest shot with having it featured on the front page! Well that made my morning! Needed a uplifting, and this did it! And here it is!!!!…

When the Thunder Comes

Well, I thought that I would share with ya all a few images which I have faved recently, so without farther delay, check these shots out!


Collectiveone is a master …someone who I know from deviantArt and whose work is just so utterly pure and perfect. You look at his shots and you feel like you are standing in the wilderness.

Pam aka BlueTiger is one of my favorite photographers….her work is just inspiring, period. Absolute professionalism, folks, in every way possible! Even if she lives in Canada! (lol had to Pam! )

Anders )personally I call him

Random Photo Thoughts

One thing I really like about this site is that I feel like I am able to step outside my norm here somewhat…something which I have been rather reluctant to do on deviantArt, when I have tried doing it over there, the shots seem like they just fail…hardly anyone comments. I suppose it is because most of my watchers are nature and car people. Here though, I feel like I am rather unbound by this, and not so tied down. And those of you who watch me here and on DA, well…I suppose in a sense your fortunate, as you are going to see shots that I probably wouldn’t upload over there. It really has been a long time since I shared some old signage shots with anyone, so that is on the list, along with some street shots as well. I love street photography, always have, always will. I may also be doing s…

Photographic Lullabies.....

Why that title specifically, I haven’t a clue actually, it just sounded nice I suppose. Kinda in a rut over here at the moment, thinking about my images. It’s funny, I think we all think pretty much the same way….about our own images, we never actually really see how good our own work is! Why? I think we become rather numb to it. When I was in college studying for my BFA in Illustration, my professor taught me a very valuable lesson….every hour when you are working on an image, you should get up, step away for 10-15 minutes, and then come back. The reason being because the right side of the brain needs to refresh itself, wipe itself clean, and rejuvenate. Often when this is done, we see our art almost as a new again. Ever done that??? Try it sometime! Another one I was taught, rotate your…

Fall Photo Shoot and I have been accepted!!!! :)

Well I am back home from my photoshoot yesterday up in Rocky Mountain National Park and I am one very hurting unit…damn I am sore as hell! My feet and knees are wanting to divorce me and my back, well it seems to have gotten up and left lol The colors up there were really odd, a lot of areas still green, some past prime and are brown, and some in prime. The lack of wildlife in the park was rather unexpected. Saw only one herd of Elk, way far out of my lens’ reach. Luckily, I took daskibum ’s advice and went in on Hwy 7, which lead me on a chase on some backroad for golden Aspen. And along the road I happened to discover a whole other area of Rocky Mountain National Park which I have never even heard of, by the name of “Wild Basin Trailhead”..and some of my best shots came from this area, …

Serious Thoughts on deviantArt and news!

For you who watch me on DA, this is being mirrored…….…

Well I have a few things which I wish to share with you all today, so without farther adoo, read below.

deviantArt and Pedophiles! Yes you read correctly, and honestly I am a little concerned here with this. And honestly, you all should be as well. I was just reading this journal THEY BANNED MASPP *UPDATE! which I saw on the today page. I want you ALL to go and read this, asap. Seriously. And honestly, read the journal and READ the replies which were posted in it. !MASPP is (was) a club called “Mothers Against Sexual Predators” Now I understand DA’s position on the ban, but honestly, I think a group like this is good for a community that has millions of members. I know that listing things in your journal with names saying “so and so is

Sorry to inundate ya all with uploads

Sorry ya all if I inundate you guys today with uploads, I will be adding quite a few pieces throughout the day….to the people who also watch me on deviantArt, well, some of these you have seen before, and some you never ever have :) So I will try to make this a tad interesting for you guys :)

Autumn is now in full swing in Colorado and the reports from my fellow Colorado photogs looks quite promising. This Wednesday I will make my annual fall trip, up to Rocky Mountain National Park, and honestly I seriously just need it. Life has been so incredibly stressful as of late, and getting away the whole day sounds completely wonderful. So stay tuned on more shots from this upcoming photoshoot!

Well, hope yer all good and this Monday finds ya all in the best spirits! 10-4, over and out

How do you get your images sold on here???

Call me discouraged, call me frustrated, but how in the blue hell is everyone sellin’ shit but me? Ya call this a rant….idk….just kinda down I suppose. Thought the Sunflowers actually woulda sold, but spose I am wrong. Ya I know, I sound like a whiner and that I am complaining, but I am honestly starting to question my images’ abilities to be sold. Here, DA., etc…..Sure, my stock does ok I ‘spose, in a sense, but my really best images….nada…..maybe it’s just not fit for people’s walls…..I just don’t know what the hell to think anymore. I honestly don’t. Sigh….

Greetings folks, a lil about me!

Ya know, honestly, I don’t know how I am going to actually find the time for here, I can’t really see myself commenting like I do on deviantARt, which basically keeps me so damn busy as it is lol I will try though.

Photography for me is a passion…..and I suppose living in Colorado just adds to that passion. It is amazing what there all is to see and shoot here. I am thankful everyday for where I live. Believe me!…

I shoot all on Minolta gear and here is my whole lineup and everything I have and use at my disposal:

Minolta 5D dslr
Minolta X370 manual slr
Minolta Maxxum 7000 slr
Minolta s414 digital

Minolta 28mm F2.8 Lens
Minolta 50mm F1.7 Lens
Minolta 18-200 DT Lens
Five Star 70-200 F4.5 Lens
Minolta 18-70 DT Lens
Minolta 75-300 D Lens
Minolta Rokkor 50mm f1.7
Minolta Rokkor 70-200 Lens

Tiffen Macro D

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait