RB vs 500px

This is rather interesting I have to say….

If I was RB I would take serious notice at these traffic stats. As it is now, 500px has a MUCH better layout than the new RB pages, it is day and night.

Keep in mind that 500px has only been around for a very short time. This is from and is food for thought


  • Kim Barton
    Kim Bartonalmost 3 years ago

    Since you told us about 500px, I have joined that also, and love it…especially the huge images. I would love to see RB incorporate some of the great things about 500px, but I still love it here and will stay…

  • Peter Hill
    Peter Hillalmost 3 years ago

    This is the sort of thing I’m looking for. Excellent. Thank you John.

  • Odille Esmonde-Morgan
    Odille Esmonde...almost 3 years ago

    I’ve joined 500px too, but you can only upload limited numbers of images unless you pay, you know, so it is commercial too. I will be keeping my RB site in its entirety as it is, at least, still free and I still have my Bubblesite, and the framed prints option is reasonably priced for Australian customers. And I love the calendars.

    Re the descriptions, I have altered the text I put at the top of each image of mine to read thus:

    PLEASE CLICK Show Full Description FOR ALL MY IMAGES

    Visit my website and view all my Galleries and Shops direct. Special edition limited Fine Art Prints available


    Gradually I will replace it on all my images. I am also on Blue Canvas which is quite good, have not sold anything there though and I feel the layout is not quite as community friendly, but they area nice bunch and many ex RBers are on there.

  • facade
    facadealmost 3 years ago

    What an excellent looking site. Thank you very much John. I have also joined. I am not sure whether I will stay with RB. Time will tell.

  • Jonathan Stacey
    Jonathan Staceyalmost 3 years ago

    Excellent research John, I too joined a couple of months ago and although you feel like you’re starting again, nurturing a new baby to life, I feel the layout, image size etc to be far better than RB. Although not relevant in this discussion, I also feel the level of submissions is somewhat more inspiring than RB’s majority point and shoot submissions !!.. (Will probably upset a few with that comment !!.. oh well !)

  • Mel
    Mel Brackstone...almost 3 years ago

    500px isn’t a POD site though….seems pretty pointless to compare them?

  • Yes it most certainly is a POD site and they give you a whopping 80% unlike RB which is 50%. They even go as far as offering a lot more if you decide to upgrade, including your very own .com domain and portfolios.

    – John De Bord Photography

  • Susan  Kimball
    Susan Kimballalmost 3 years ago

    I joined too as well as bluecanvas which is still young and quirky. I still think we should form our own community but have no idea how. Thanks for the info.

  • Well the photography community over on G+ is really good and i have been on there a lot. It is very different, where it isn’t about just posting pictures but the whole community itself, the discussion and the conversation. I have made quite a few new real life friends since I have joined. I absolutely love it!

    – John De Bord Photography

  • Elaine  Manley
    Elaine Manleyalmost 3 years ago

    very interesting .. it almost looks like RB USED too !!!

  • adambogusz
    adamboguszalmost 3 years ago

    i would love to make the jump to this but it would appear it’s for photographers only or am I wrong?
    My primary outlet is painting.

  • ya photographers only pretty much

    – John De Bord Photography

  • Mel
    Mel Brackstone...almost 3 years ago

    Wow, I missed that bit, thanks. I don’t understand what you mean about they give you 80% though….cos you can set your margins here….to what ever you want!

  • You can make whatever you want, sure, BUT RB gets 50% of the take in commissions. 500px gets 20% commission.

    – John De Bord Photography