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Excuse the mess, BUT....

If you suddenly start to see a ton of uploads from me in the next few days, have no fear lol I am not saying you are going to, but it is possible. I will be afk around here some in the next week, as I am starting the daunting task of rearranging my website and having all my prints in it within the portfolio gallery link to those on redbubble. I am also finding that many of the images which I currently have on my website could be reprocessed to be better, and it is those shots which you might be seeing uploaded on to here.

I need to do this though and do it RIGHT, and have it all integrated and flow nicely. So just a warning.

In other news, has anyone else joined 500px yet? Holy cow is all I can say…I am here on 500px That site is just amazing and they really have their stuff together on there. The quality of work is mind blowing with some of the very best shooters around today. They also let you sell prints and have an entire website built in as well. I am floored!

Anyways, hope you all are having a nice Saturday!


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