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So, I've been thinking...The Case For Larger Images On RedBubble

So, I have been thinking…maybe it’s time that RedBubble get an update and by that, I mean an actual REAL update.

The Case For Larger Images On RedBubble

When I come here the images are so small compared to everywhere else. I mean look as an example how images are displayed on “500px”; It is simple, clean and also effective. The size is what really gets the viewer and that is how artwork should look. It shouldn’t be just another image on the internet but something which really engulfs and envelops the viewer so it puts them in the scene itself, a feeling like they are standing there among it. It isn’t just 500px which does this however, it is every single site on the internet now basically where photos and art can be seen, …

Hold tight!

I am uploading this morning several of what I consider my best shots to make them available for print purchases through my website and RedBubble. Hope it doesn’t seem to spammy :) I just need to get all this done ASAP as I have clients awaiting :)

So are ya getting sick of them yet? lol

So are you all getting sick of Sunflower shots yet? I hope not because I have a TON to add yet along with many other images as I am redoing my website and linking all my prints from RB to it. Sorry I haven’t been answering comments but I have been reading each and everything you all say and write. Just busy as a bee here and needing to get this really done.

I just wish RB had a bulk uploader…..

Excuse the mess

Excuse the mess if you see a LOT being uploaded in the next couple of days. I am redoing my website and working right now on the “prints and portfolio” section of it (it’s rather a mess at the moment) Some of the images in that section need to have prints available of them and it is those shots which I will be uploading here for that reason.

Thanks all

Are you ready?

Over the next several weeks I will be uploading a LOT of work on here as the Holidays are coming. I am also going to be putting together a calendar or 3. Much of this work has never been really seen before and I am rather excited to share it with you all. A lot of from this Fall, when I feel I have taken some my best images to date.

So if you start to get inundated some over the coming weeks, please don’t be afraid lol

I hope you all are doing great out there in RedBubble land!

RB vs 500px

This is rather interesting I have to say….

If I was RB I would take serious notice at these traffic stats. As it is now, 500px has a MUCH better layout than the new RB pages, it is day and night.

Keep in mind that 500px has only been around for a very short time. This is from and is food for thought

Announcing the 2011 Colorado fall photography workshop/meetup!

Announcing the 2011 Colorado fall photography workshop/meetup!

It is that time of the year again, and Fall is just around the corner! Once again we are holding our annual Fall photo meetup! And this is the official announcement of that.
If you have ever wanted to see Colorado at it’s most spectacular time, this is it! There is no where else like it, with the hillsides completely alive in sheer blankets of golden color from the Aspens…If you have ever wanted to get a hands on experience with photography, this is also your chance to do so by photographing with some great nature photographers!
Our annual workshop/photomeet/throwing Texans to the crazy Bull Elk during the rut/photography adventure lasts over 2 weekends, and the choice is yours which one you would like to attend, o…

Who wants a G+ invite? --Read please!

Ok, honestly….I have never in my wildest dreams ever imagined that Google would pull off what they have with G+. I have never ever seen something that is so aimed at photographers interacting and networking with other photographers like G+. I am completely over the moon floored by it. Apparently I am far from alone, too.

Feast your eyes upon this; Google+: The Survival Guide for a Photographer’s Paradise

G+ is lacking something though, photographers from the RedBubble arena! The biggest and best are on there from flickr, deviantart, 500px, fredmiranda, naturescapes, naturephotographers,….but….RedBubble? I am only finding maybe 2 so far.

So here is a shout out. To you my fellow photographers of RedBubble. I have some invites for the currently closed beta floatin…

Suggestions on how to make RedBubble better


I have been spending a little bit of time lately over on 500px who seems like they really have their stuff together (mostly except for one major issue with people trolling peoples images and voting them down with the dislike button for their own self worth…it is their greatest downfall and refusal to change it)

There are a few things which I noticed that I wonder if RB couldn’t incorporate…

  • I love the fact that the display images are rather large by default…very nice…imagine a shot like this in that size on RB!?!?
  • Metadata is retained within every single image which is uploaded, from all keywords to exif info, even down to the lens the shot was taken with….that IMO is rather slick!
  • I like the thumbnails to the bottom right of the image a

Excuse the mess, BUT....

If you suddenly start to see a ton of uploads from me in the next few days, have no fear lol I am not saying you are going to, but it is possible. I will be afk around here some in the next week, as I am starting the daunting task of rearranging my website and having all my prints in it within the portfolio gallery link to those on redbubble. I am also finding that many of the images which I currently have on my website could be reprocessed to be better, and it is those shots which you might be seeing uploaded on to here.

I need to do this though and do it RIGHT, and have it all integrated and flow nicely. So just a warning.

In other news, has anyone else joined 500px yet? Holy cow is all I can say…I am here on 500px That site is just amazing and they really have their stuff togethe…