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Greetings folks, my name is John and I come from Colorado. I specialize in Landscape, Nature, and Retro Photography, all shot using Minolta and Sony cameras using a variety of lenses.

My influences are quite broad, from Galen Rowell to David Perry, from Ansel Adams to Andy Southard, Jr. The people whose work I have come to deeply admire is often reflected in my own. I haven’t been shooting all that long as some, since 1995, when I took a B&W darkroom film class in art college on my way to getting my BFA degree in Illustration. Needless to say I have been hooked ever since!

I work in both Digital and Film photography, something which I believe allows me to be more flexible in my work. My images are also available for stock, if you are interested, please contact me for info through my website below.

My website, where more of my work can be seen at my website http://jdebordphoto.com
Thanks, and I hope you enjoy my work!

  • Age: 46
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So, I've been thinking...The Case For Larger Images On RedBubble

So, I have been thinking…maybe it’s time that RedBubble get an update and by that, I mean an actual REAL update. / The Case For Larger Images On RedBubble / When I come here the images are so small compared to everywhere else. I mean look as an example how images are displayed on “500px”;http://500px.com/photo/34053244 It is simple, clean and also effective. The size is wh…
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Hold tight!

I am uploading this morning several of what I consider my best shots to make them available for print purchases through my website and RedBubble. Hope it doesn’t seem to spammy :) I just need to get all this done ASAP as I have clients awaiting :) / —-John
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So are ya getting sick of them yet? lol

So are you all getting sick of Sunflower shots yet? I hope not because I have a TON to add yet along with many other images as I am redoing my website and linking all my prints from RB to it. Sorry I haven’t been answering comments but I have been reading each and everything you all say and write. Just busy as a bee here and needing to get this really done. / I just wish RB had a bulk uploa…
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Excuse the mess

Excuse the mess if you see a LOT being uploaded in the next couple of days. I am redoing my website and working right now on the “prints and portfolio”http://jdebordphoto.zenfolio.com/portfolio section of it (it’s rather a mess at the moment) Some of the images in that section need to have prints available of them and it is those shots which I will be uploading here for that re…
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