Hi there. I’m a semi-retired photo studio owner in California. Finding more time on my hands, I’m concentrating on building up my personal portfolio, which (up until now) has been mostly commercial work, and featured, strangely enough, mostly paintings.

I’ve been employed in theatrical design, scenic painting, prop construction, cover illustration, and, of course, any type of photo alteration, retouching, and repair imaginable. Come to think about it, I’ve even stooped so low as to paint barrettes, light plate switches, even done some scrimshaw work and painted holiday windows. If it’s out there, I’ve probably tried it at least once.

Artistically, I’m now I’m using oils, alkyds, and acrylics to create an almost photo-realistic style. Sometimes my airbrush comes into play, or perhaps a palette knife, but, for the most part, I favor brush work.

Only recently have I spent any time with a decent camera (a Nikon D40X) to capture more of the world. I do like the little bugger, but I’m sadly lacking in technical skills. Luckily for me, my long history of working with Photoshop has somewhat made up for that shortcoming.

My goal?…Loosen up and enjoy the process more! I’m looking forward to your input.

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