I am a photographer and a writer and more recently, a digital artist.

I live in a little town on the east coast of the South Island, New Zealand. I work from home, so for company I have 4 cats, a rabbit, 2 hens … and my husband who makes jewellery and sculpts.

I love to photograph a variety of subjects. It’s never boring!

More of my photography can be found at My Chillybin

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Unexpected Opportunities.

I love the community and inspiration here at Redbubble. I love being able to offer my artworks for sale, though I cannot say I’l be making my fortune from it anytime soon. / Back in my earlier days here I created an image – a kaleidoscope. I thought it great back then but my skills have grown. For the last wee while I have toyed with the idea of removing it as it never seemed to attra…
Posted almost 2 years – 4 comments

7th Sale

I so love those emails alerting to a sale. I have the feeling I would never tire of receiving them, and certainly won’t. :) / I sold this design as a greeting card… / Breach of My Heart / by Belinda Osgood
Posted about 2 years – 2 comments

Sale Number 6!

Ah, nothing like a sale notification in your email on a crisp, wintry Monday morning to get you enthused for a week of creative productivity. So what if it amounts to cents…they’re my hard-won cents (seriously there’s such great artwork here I’m amazed I’ve sold a thing) and I’m going to relish the feeling of success they bring. Thanks RB! / Man’s Meal an…
Posted almost 3 years – 4 comments

5th Sale :D (and a summary of 2011)

RedBubble / 2011 has been a wonderful RB year for me. Not only have I celebrated my first sale this year, but now my fifth. A very sincere and warm thanks to the friend who purchased Chambers / I’ve had 2 home page features, many featured images in various groups and even some success in group challenges. Much of this may seem of little value when regarded in the world’s framework, bu…
Posted over 3 years – 2 comments