Consider yourselves Challenged.....

Hello everyone

The Object Studies & Concepts Group has set a challenge (open to everyone):

[drum roll]



How many different ways can you see a teacup?
(or a mug if you happen to not have a teacup)


Other objects are allowed in the shot so long as the teacup is the focus

In order to identify your challenge entries please add the tag ‘stormincup’ to your work. This will also make it easier to view all the works together.

There is no timeframe, there is no prize and you can add as many images as you like, so long as they fit the theme of the challenge and of course, the theme of the Object Studies & Concepts Group.

So, consider yourselves challenged.

We hope it provides some fun, motivation and inspiration.

If you have any questions, you can ask them in the forums here

Come on people, give it a go………It’s fun!

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