Kaitlyn McLaughlin

Kaitlyn McLaughlin

Fort Fairfield, United States

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I’m Kaitlyn.
My name is as long as the alphabet,
It’s safe to say I’m a photography addict.
I also have a writing obsession.
And I’m in love with almost everything chocolate.
I’m an incredibly happy person. But not one of those overly bubbly, annoyingly happy people. I’m just content with life’s rollercoaster so far.
I have a loving relationship with music.
Both of my parents are music educators, so I’m open to all kinds of music.
Anywho, if you’ve bothered to read this far, bless you.
Even I am aware of my incredible rambling abilities.
I hope you enjoy my art,
lovelovelove (lots of love)
-Kay Kay

  • Age: 23
  • Joined: November 2008



So I know this doesn’t really have anything to do with redbubble, but I’m so excited. :) / Why? Because I just got back from “honors night” at my school, and this year, I received the math, ethics, top ten and (best for last) the DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY award. :D / Hell to the yes. / Thank you to all of you and your inspiration. Because, well, you rock.
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This is actually a blog I posted on my myspace, (yes unfortunately I have one,) a long time ago. But I still think about this quite frequently, so i thought I’d post it again. / My grandparents have been a major influence in my life. They have a whole life filled with lessons they’ve learned, lessons that they can pass down to me in various ways. And coming to the realization that th…
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1500. :D

So, I know this might seem lame to all of the completely amazing photographers on here who have their artwork viewed a kazillion times every day, / but I reached 1500 views today. :D :D / well technically 1501. / But who’s counting. / okay okay, I am. / :) / Thank you to everyone on this amazing website. / You’re my inspiration and you make my days. :)
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