Alice In Murderland

“You’re nothing but a pack of cards!”

At this the whole pack rose up into the air, and came flying down upon her: she gave a little scream, half of fright and half of anger, and tried to beat them off, and found herself lying on the floor of a curious looking room. “Alice wake-up!”, the shout came from a lady dressed all in black holding a pile of clothes in her hand. “Excuse me”, Alice said all confused, “Where am I?”. The lady let out a laugh. “Why Alice, you’re in school. Now go change into your normal clothes, I don’t know where you got those horrid bright clothes from but if you go out like that a sniper will see you without using his scope”. She handed Alice the clothes and walked out the room. The clothes looked just like Alice’s but they were much darker. Alice looked at clothes, “I know wonderland is a queer place but this contradicts all I have seen of wonderland so far”.Alice looked around the room. There were no windows and only one door, although the room was lit she could not tell where the light was coming from. The lady walked back into the room. “Now you have changed you look much better”, she smiled at Alice. Alice felt a little scared with talk of snipers. “Alice there is no need to be scared, I’m here to teach you how to survive; how to kill without feeling regret, how to kill quickly and silently. It is simple my dear. Your first task is to kill the rabbit I will leave in this room with you. I will close and lock the door so you cannot run away from it.” She handed Alice a knife and walked out the room. The lady entered wearing thick gloves and holding a white rabbit. She put the rabbit down. It sat watching Alice, its blue eyes almost mesmerising her. The Lady left the room, and Alice heard the door lock. ‘How peculiar, I should not kill any animal. It has done nothing wrong.’ The rabbit walked towards Alice, its ear pricked. As it got closer Alice lent forward. The white rabbit stopped, its eyes still fixated on Alice. Suddenly it leaped forward with its claws and teeth bared ready to enter her skin. Startled by the rabbits sudden movement Alice held the knife and braced herself. The rabbit landed, but not on Alice as it and she expected. It landed onto the knife slamming straight into its chest cavity. Blood splashed across Alice’s dress and face. She froze in horror at what she had done.The door unlocked and the lady entered clapping. “Who exactly are you if I may ask?” Alice asked the lady. The lady stopped clapping. “You are quite the nosey one aren’t you? My name is Lorina.” With Lorina’s answer Alice became more confused. “My sister’s name is Lorina, how peculiar.” Lorina turned away and walked to the door. Then turned back to Alice, “Oh Alice, as you passed your first task I shall treat you. I shall do your hair for you. I will meet you in the second room down the left corridor on the left hand side.” Lorina walked out of the room. Alice was reminded of what she had done. She picked up the blood streaked rabbit and held it in her arms as if to cradle it. She lay it down gently on the floor, stood up and walked to the door. As she stood in the door way she looked left. The corridor seemed to go on forever. She looked right to see if it was the same, and sure enough it was the same. She turned and walked left. Remembering what Lorina had said she walked past the first door on the left and came to the second. Alice paused, knocked and entered. The room was an eggshell blue colour, with tiles and mirrors on the walls. It reminded Alice of a bathroom, except there was no bath or toilet. There were only surfaces, sinks and a large chair in the centre of the room in which Lorina was sitting. As Alice entered the room she stood up, “Alice you’re here. Found your way I see. If you take a seat I’ll start on your hair. And you may want to sleep; you have a long day ahead of you.” Alice closed her eyes and remembered all her adventures in wonderland, the White Rabbit hurrying along- the scared Mouse splashing through the water- the everlasting tea party- the Cheshire cat’s grin- the Queen’s shrill voice- the pig baby’s sneezing- the Gryphon’s shriek. Oh how she wished she was in wonderland once again, though it was a queer place she enjoyed every bit of it.Alice opened her eyes to the blinding light. “Good now you are awake I can put the bow in.” Alice found Lorina’s voice more warming to wake up to than summer’s sunshine rays on her face. Alice sat up and saw what Lorina had done to her hair. Her once blonde locks were now black as coal, and her blue headband was now being replaced with a red bow. A shocked look entered Alice’s face. “Lorina! What have you done to my hair?” Alice felt angry. She smashed the mirror then turned to Lorina. Lorina smile and handed her a bandage as her hand was cut up from smashing the mirror. “Well done Alice, you passed the second task. Anger is the key the killing something or someone. Now you know how to get angry you can use it, but please be careful as you can get more hurt from being angry and you don’t notice. Like you don’t seem to notice that your hand is bleeding.” Alice looked at her hand, fine cuts from the glass were on her knuckles and the blood was running all down her hand and falling to the floor. Alice took the bandage and wrapped it round her hand. “Alice because you passed I would like to give you something. I got these when I was your age and I want you to have them,” she handed Alice two swords, “They are made from the strongest metal, the grips are the finest leather and they are as light as feathers. Perfect tools for you. I am afraid Alice, that you have one task then your final task.They were at the edge of a large hedge that stood about 6 feet high. “Now using your skills and weapons I want you to go to the middle of this maze, get the book and bring it back to me. It is not as simple as it sounds my dear Alice, the maze is full of creatures who will attack if they see you so be careful and good luck.” Lorina pointed to the entrance. Alice walk to it then turned back. “Before I do this I would like to know something. If this is not wonderland, as I suspect, then what is this place?” Lorina had already started to walk away from Alice. “This dear Alice is Murderland,” Lorina said as she disappeared into the distance. Alice lingered on those words. ‘Murderland, Murderland, Murderland.’ She took a deep breath and entered the maze. It split three ways, left, right or straight on. ‘Which way should I go?’ Alice listened. To the left was sounds of shrieking, and to the right was sounds of howling. Straight forward, the only way that was silent, peaceful. Alice walked forward. The silence was eerie and Alice wondered what she would find. She felt like she was walking for hours. Her feet started to feel achy. Then Alice saw a clearing. ‘I can see the book.’ Alice confidently stepped forward into the clearing. Alice nearly dropped the swords. Two large cats, the size of lions, were ripping into the corpse of a deer right at the side of the book. The two spotted her; they stopped eating and charged at her. ‘It is them or me and Lorina needs that book so it must be them who is to go’. Alice remembered all she had be told. She felt angry. She took a fighting stance, one sword in front and one behind. She then charged. With two swift moves the cats lay on the floor bleeding out, breathing their last breath. Alice lifted her head and walked to the book. She picked up the book and walked the same way she had come from. Although the she had killed the two cats this time she didn’t feel any regret. She was coming up to the junction. Alice could hear the shrieking and howling getting louder. She stopped just before the junction. Whatever was making the noises was coming towards Alice. Alice put the book on the floor. She knelt down swords behind her. As the noises sounded almost on top of her. She did a forwards roll then lunged the swords out to the sides. She impaled the wolf and gryphon on the swords. She stood up and removed the swords. Picked up the book and walked back to the building.“Here is the book; I went through two cats, one wolf and one gryphon to get it to you.” Alice handed the book to Lorina. “I need somewhere to rest; could you show me my room?” Lorina walked on and Alice followed. They came to a door that had ALICE’S ROOM written on it. “Rest up, heal well. Your final test is in the morning.” Lorina walked off and Alice entered the room. It was a darkened room with a bed, toilet, sink and cabinet. Alice walked over and opened the cabinet. Inside was bandages, plasters, ice packs and more. Alice took a bandage and ice pack. She redressed her hand. She lay down on the bed and put the ice pack on her feet. She felt relaxed for the first time in a while. Alice slept, dreamed deep of walls with blood running down, dresses splattered with blood and piles of dead decaying rabbits. She awoke to the knock at the door. “Alice it is time, get ready and meet me outside.” Alice got dressed, sorted her hair and redressed her hand. Outside Lorina was sat on the grass pulling the heads off daisies. “Now, your final test is a duel. You must use offence and defence to kill your opponent. Always remember, the loser gets one last request before execution.” Alice nodded and got her swords. She did a couple stretches then psyched herself up. “So Lorina, who is my opponent? I only see you and I here.” Lorina sighed and stood up. She went and got two other swords. “I am your opponent, make me proud. Don’t hold back your anger. Aggression is the key.” Alice stood shocked, she had to face and kill the only person her knew in this place. ‘Remember what she did to your hair, what she has made you do to the creatures here.’ Alice took the stance and aim. Lorina laughed and attacked. Alice blocked every move. “Impressive, but is that it little girl?” Alice grew more angry. She attacked. Lorina blocked, but also cut Alice’s arm. “I said don’t hold back Alice.” Alice smiled, not any sweet smile but an evil smile. A smile that could cause immeasurable chaos. Lorina struck out at Alice, but missed blocking Alice’s blade that went straight through her stomach. Alice took out her blade, “Last request Lorina?” Lorina fell to her knees, her swords at her side. She looked down at the blood pouring from her. “Alice the last thing I need to tell you is… I… AM… Your sister.” Lorina fell to the floor, lifeless like the corpse she now was. Alice looked beyond the black and realised what she had done. Killing rabbits was one thing but her own sister….She had buried the body, but could not bury the feelings. She took up one of the swords. In the same place her sister had the wound Alice now had the same. A light blinded Alice, ‘Heaven?’ A figure came out of the light. It was Alice, her clean blue and white dress, blonde locks. Her hand was stretched out. “Alice take my hand, let me take you to wonderland. Let me take you away. I want to make you like me. It won’t work. Goodbye Alice. Alice… Goodbye…” She faded out and Alice was alone. Bleeding out. With her last breath she rasped, “Murderland.”

Alice In Murderland


Coalville, United Kingdom

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Artist's Description

This was part of my coursework, I had to write a twisted fairytale. I am a big fan of Alice In Wonderland so I decided to do my story on that. I am very good friends with a band called Alice Rock, who have done a few songs based on Alice In Wonderland. These songs helped inspire me. This story is dark in areas. There was a maximum of 2,000 words. I was let off for being 95 words over.

This story was based on ‘Alice’s adventures in Wonderland’ by Lewis Carroll and Inspired by ‘Goodbye Alice’ by AliceRock.
Credit should go to them as well.

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