Scarlett Night

In my hand I gently held the last connection that I had to Scarlett before her unexpected, tradgic death. Tears visiously ran down my face as I thought of her. I could almost see her bangs haning over her beautifully carved face, her smile brighter than the sun. She always knew how to cure me whan I was feeling down or alone. Head hanging over my knees, with tears painfully running down my face once again, as I thought of the last day I had seen her.
It was a thursday and just two minutes away till spring break. I watched as the clock tick away to 3:30. I practicly ran out the school doors, I was so excited. Scarlett was staying late after school for detension, so i promissed I would pick her up so we could start our spring break together. As I was waiting I discited to visit the park that Scarlett and I went to as kids. I sat on the nearest bench and watched as the kids played happily. This was mine and Scarlett’s getaway, we would sit here and talk just to get away from..
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everyone. I turned around to get my cell phone out of my purse, and that’s when I noticed Garret and Scarlett. In sudden anger I ran twards them and started to yell at Scarlett.
“Scarlett, hoe could you?”
“Allyce i’m-i’m sorry”
“No need to apologize”
I walked away with tears rolling down my face. Of course Scarlett was right behind me.
“Allyce wait”
“So we can talk about this.”
“Here I’ll make it easier for you we are no longer friends, you can have Garret”
“That’s it were not friends?”
“Did you not here me?”
“Well yes but…”
She didn’t say another word. I kept walking till I got to my car.

After a while I just stop seeing Scarlett at school, untill a friend told me that she had dropped out and was living with a firnd. Eventually she got into drugs and was icilated from everyone, even her family.
It was a friday nigt when I heard the horrific news, Scarlett was dead. I blamed myself for everything. Two days after her death my mom handed me a letter..
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with my name on it. It was in Scarletts handwriting. I slowly opened it. It stated:
I’m sorry.
I love you.
I started to cry. My mom had told me that the letter was held in her hand when she had died. She died of a drug overdose.
It was the day of Scarlett August Johnson’s funeral. The whole school was there inculeding Garret. I had brought a bracelet that Scarlett gave to me in the 6th grade for my birthday and a rose. I gently placed the rose in the casket and wispered…
“i love you too, Scarlett.”

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