Sudbury, United Kingdom

Welcome (:
Based on the outskirts of Sudbury, Suffolk.
I am a Clothing & Fabric Designer/Photographer and Drawing artist.

I like to photograph unusual scenes and capture not what everyone sees through there own eyes. Make-up and fashion is also a big part of my life, i take great pride in fashion and love to photograph different styles of the generation. All photography is edited through my own visual outlooks. Look Through my Albums.

Modelling & Fashion

and alot more! You name it, i photograph it. Give me a message if there is something you would like photographed?

They are all of my own design from my creative mind, i spend alot of time designing, printing and tie dying different techniques to create my own style in fashion.

Clothing – With clothing, my fashion is just a constant on going problem, i buy clothes with what ever money i have. So its inspired me to design my own styles and put together what’s out there.

Fabrics – There is so many patterns, textures, and styles. You look good, when you feel good. Your own style, makes it your own home. Your own vision, is your own beauty.

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New but Old.

I have been apart of red bubble for some time. I never really used it, until now, and sales have started to come through, i really appreciate people looking through my work and favouring my posts. Ive now began to post more of my photography and art!
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