I am young graphic designer, illiustrator, photographer.. well acctually I think I’m too young and too stupid to say who I realy am :) sorry for that, but I’m trying to find my way as an artist :)
My personal website is www.nananai.lt
And here is my skech blogg www.agnenananai.wordpress.com
So feel free to visit and to leave comments


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My skech blog is going!

Hi my dear! / I just wanted to announce that I started to write a skech blog :) yes, I’m putting all my old drawings and all my skeches :) So you all are welcome in www.agnenananai.wordpress.com / And very soon I will open my portfolio web :) but till that – feel free to visit skech blog! / See you there! / Hugs :)
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Thanks for buying my COW! AGAIN :)

Hi, / I want to thank sombody who bought my COW tee :) / Thanks! I hope you enjoy them long time! / Good luck ;) / K. / P.S. Send me a photo ;) if you can :D
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City - Open Galery

Hi, / recently in Lithuania was great project “City – Open Galery”. The aim of it was to decorate the city (Kaunas) whith your art. / I took part int this project and just want to share the results. / Here’s photo with my works (in bus stops) – ENJOY! :)
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Thanks for buying my COW!

Hey, today I’ve sold my T “Cow Eating Dress”. Many thanks for those who bought it! / Many hugs :))
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