Arlington, United States

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Visual artist; I interpret that in the broadest sense, as I enjoy working in a great number of different media, depending upon the season. This site allows me to publish and provide printed images of work. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly.

“Autumn Moon”:

Beneath the full moon of autumn,
my neighbor plays his flute
out of tune.

Ozaki Kôyô
  • Joined: July 2008


Some exciting developments;

At last, a bunch of events have come together to allow me to spend a little more time on the creative work while still able to pay rent. I’m looking at some studio space (coming up in March); I upgraded my camera and am in the process of upgrading my photo and illustration computer software & hardware, so that I can more easily upload visuals of research and/or works in progress. Othe…
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Domestic kerfuffles...

Catching up on a lot of domestic necessaries…would rather be creating, but instead I am scurrying around doing little boring household tasks that…I can,t procrastinate on any more.
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A little progress

Because that’s what weekends are for – especially when they’re full of lightning and thunder. / Actually, truth be told, it only rained once I got home. We finally had some sunshine, so I cycled into town, picked up a few tools and materials (some carving tools, wire mesh, clay, some handmade papers), but was foiled in my attempt to pick up some C-clamps. Not sure why this munda…
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