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Revisioning the past into a psychedelic future

We started where a lot of good ideas start, in a bar drinking. Jeremiah had come to Prague after finishing his studies in painting at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and to make a long story short we discovered each other, and the fact that we both paint. Our dates primarily consisted of sitting in a bar drawing together, and then that progressed to sitting around the house painting together (romantic I know. But we do have wine! ) It’s basically all we do with out free time. After a few years of the paintings taking over the house we realized we needed to get a studio space, but studios in Prague aren’t cheap, so instead we looked for commercial spaces we could use both as a showroom as well as studio. And Bliss Farm Gallery was born (Our daughter was born a year previous ;) !

Bliss Farm is both an online shop as well as a studio and shop located in Prague, Czech Republic. We are a husband and wife team focused on creating work from appropriated materials we find in the garbage and at flea markets. Focusing on painting we use almost exclusively oil paints to create our pieces. For this shop we are focused almost solely on “Altered Art” which simply means that we enjoy playing with compositions that already exist (such as in an old photo or painting) and incorporating our own visions and characters into these environments.

  • Joined: January 2013