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Footscray West, Australia

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Already psyched out by the level of professionalism and creativity so far exhibited in this forum, I nevertheless intend to contribute some meagre offerings in the form of photography (cheesy, cliched tourist snaps are a personal specialty) and – when I’m feeling particularly motivated – the odd bit of odd writing.

I enjoy trivia, travel (but not trivial travel), lots of quality music, occasional bits of musak and atrocious puns. But then who doesn’t love a bit of harmless pun?

  • Age: 38
  • Joined: December 2006


The Kiss (Give It To Me)

Give it to me now, right on the lips / With none of the cheek of just-friends-ships / I can always handle a little tongue / But use it gently, don’t smother the fun / No mega-bites please, just a little nibble / And medium moistness: dry side of dribble / My preferred flavour is minty Macleans / Just don’t even come near wielding nicotine / I’ll close my eyes and you close yours…
Posted over 7 years – 4 comments

Meditations on a Moniker

When “X” said, “the name’s Red Bubble”, / I felt remembering it’d be trouble, / I could sooner recall Red Balloon, / That site for gifts of trips to the moon. / Then tangents carried me away, / Like a Red Kite on a windy day, / And going down like a Red Zeppelin, / Would be creativity if thus je m’appelle-ing. / Why the red, it must be said, / When scarle…
Posted about 8 years – 3 comments