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pregnant future?

this morning i found myself on the threshold of one of those futures pregnant with hope, but with worrying ultrasound results.
Posted about 4 years – 5 comments

a genetic obligation.

i’m half pakistani, half british, and as such am gentically obliged to have an opinion on this PAKISTANI CRICKET MATCH FIXING FIASCO, again. / if anybody as talented as these two bowlers (they are seriously, seriously good) needs to risk everything (wealth and godlike status in an impoverished futureless nation of disaster-victims) to do something as idiotic as what is being suggested (giv…
Posted almost 5 years – 5 comments

mister khan- quitting poetically, the epilogue. (back on the job)

the boss bought me breakfast- but i was still drunk / from the night before, drinking with some random bore. / totally forgot what i was meant to say, / (and very much to my to my lament) / ended up asking for 60%.
Posted almost 5 years – 1 comments

mister khan- quitting poetically.

this morning i tried to quit my job- / they will not let me go. / i wrote a spanking letter, yeah- / the boss read it and said ‘no’. / i told her she’s a total div / said i’d lost the will to live / given all i’ve got to give. / tomorrow- she’ll buy me breakfast.
Posted almost 5 years – 3 comments