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Removed Work :(

I do not understand why one of my works have been removed by Redbubble and their “DMCA” Policy.

I hav had to file a counter-notice for the Image (The (e)Motion of Love) Taken at the Getty in LA for a reasons I am still unaware.

This is really frustrating and I will RB would notify you before removal (aka talk out an issue rather than make guilty before innocence can be proven).

Anyway, if someone can tell me how this image can be taken as an infringement on rights (property, intellectual, privacy etc) please let me know

see here LINK

Im Still Alive...

Hey everyone. Ive been really busy at UCLA as Alpha Gamma Omega Prez and as a student, life rocks! But im so busy… rarely a chance to shoot and post. Forgive me.

Love you all! How are you?
Let me know!
God Bless
– KG

p.s. RB looks sexy Sleek! Love it
p.p.s. Ace Cafe… :( How PC have you become, I miss your criticisms.

Art Share - Carrie Glenn (and I) :D

The most important thing about RB is the Community.
People here Rock!

Seriously. Since my time here on RB, I have had the Opportunity to get to know lots of ya, but most likely not more than Carrie Glenn
who now is a Southern Californian (Chyah man!).

Carrie is a traditional artist. I love traditional artist, because when it comes to major art sites, their Amazing works go under-looked behind all the digital art and photography. Don’t get me wrong, I love DigitalArtist and Photographers too, but you just can’t beat the paint and brush and canvas.

I hold RedRoom/Film Photographers in the same respect.

In an effort to LOVE on traditional artists, I have made it known that anyone could draw any of my pictures, with permission of course. I find it an honor. I made it a journal on De…

Four Photographers, 1 City - L.A.

I noticed this a while ago, but thought It would be pretty cool to put a feature on it right now…

In no way do I think my work rivals these fella’s I just love the passion we all share in the same city we live in, Los Angeles. A County of 10 million that would probably have caused us to never meet…Redbubble brings a passion together!

The Three dudes seen above are some amazingly talented locals. Each a tad different from the other… ok ok… there’s some big differences (Im the youngest and sexiest..haha jk!).

Lets Start with the Artistic Eye of Mr. Julian Escardo

Julian is amazing when it comes to artistic, abstract photography. It indeed takes an eye to see what he has. Brilliant and colorful. He has an amazing portfolio and captures the Walt Disney …

Special Thanks! :D Sales, and Return

Yep yep. 2 Weeks of school left here at UCLA.
Its thanksgiving weekend and yes yes im busy as heck!
Will be free from school and pledging my Fraternity (Alpha Gamma Omega)
after the… 15th of Dec.

Special thanks to all my watchers/supporters and friends here on DA.

Also, random stroke of blessings.
I’ve sold 2 Posters and 1 T-shirt in a 6 Day period. Sa’weeeeet.
I dont mark up my work much. I do it out of love, so anything like this is just awesome!
God Bless whoever it was.

Hope it rocks.

On another note.
I will add an image on here and work my way back.



Life Update!!! (No Im Not Dead)

In case you didnt know… I moved into UCLA on the 18th of September

Best Week Ever! (and 2 weeks)

Very Awesome. Spent some small time w/my Love (Tae) and have been involved in the most amazing Christian Frat ever!
AGO aka Alpha Gamma Omega.

I hope to pledge soon. (Am Pledging now)

They were able to hook Switchfoot http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=swi... ’s Lead singer (and solo artist) John Foreman… and Celloist Keith Tutt http://www.facebook.com/pages/Keith-Tutt-II/988...

I was the Official Photographer! It was amazing! And I have fallen in love w/BW. The lighting was a challenge but i did good!

Pix soon

(also did paintballing for first time)

Also am a part of IV-Intervarsity here at UCLA :D

Lovin’ It.

In rememorari...

8 Years ago…

I was 12 years old. I was In middle school…
I woke up.

I turned on the news as usual.
I witnessed the unusual…7:02 am
the second plane.

I hated.

I prayed.
I wondered.
I Sympathized for the loss.
I tried to understand.

I am informed.

… now I know.

Now. I still pray for the day that changed to world… for 2,819 whos world came to an end.

for the 23 in blue
the 343 going up, while everyone ran down
the 37 on land, when they could’ve stayed at sea
the 1,402 in tower one
the 614 in 2
the 115 nations who mourned at least one loss
the 1,717 who never recovered their loved ones
1,609 who loss partners or spouses
the 3,051 kids… who lost a parent
the 40 who fought back on 93
the 7 cities involved… (Newark/NYC/Boston/LA/Dulles/StonyCreek/WashDC)

8:46 a.…

Fire Update (Final)

All Fires are under control or dead in SoCal… Beside the deadly Station Fire in the LA County- Angeles National Forest Area outside (but close to) the City.

2 FFighters dead.- Homocide Investigation underway. Considered to be an arson fire.

The Fire has burned 152,000+ acres of Forest and City
(Bigger than Las Vegas or the City of San Francisco)

63 Homes- 93 structures.
Its 50% contained.

At its largest, it covered a fire line 65 miles long!

Thank you for your prayers. Its still hot (90s-100s for 10+ days) but random humidity from a hurricane system in Baja California, Mex sent high humidity allowed fighters to get the upper hand… mind you… a very unexpected freakish rain system… for some, a Divine… act that allowed this to happen.

Thank God :)

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