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Vote for REDBUBBLE, please!

Red bubble is 2nd in line after Flickr on the peoples choice for the Webby Awards. / I’ve just voted. I think we should all do just that so other people get to know about this great site. And it will get us all more exposure, if this site wins. / Here’s the link: / If it doesn’t work click the link above …
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Great featured page.

My shot Colourful bird has just been featured in the Australian Wildlife Group. / But if you have the time go check out the page, because it’s great to see all these shots of the Rainbow Lorikeets all put together. / Kat x
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My Great White Shark shot got FEATURED!

Again, this is one of the shots that means the most to me, so I’m so happy when it gets featured. / It’s really so important for us to take good care of this animal, as we can’t live without it!
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My Great White Shark shot is doing well.

I’ve entered my Great White shot into the Challenge group’s Underwater Challenge, and I’m now number 8. / This one means more to me than a lot of the other competitions, because of my passion for sharks. They are very beautiful, but misunderstood creatures. / I hope people will start to realize how much we need sharks for humans to survive, and how calm and non-agressive they r…
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