~ We are ~

Could it be
that the anger we feel
towards life
is a knowing in our spirit
telling us
that all is not right…?

We know
deep in our soul
that superficiality
is not the way to go

life is not meant to be

we’re all looking for a

someone to make things right
to take over this fight
we call

We’re all hurting
in a world deserting

We’re all falling
while calling
for love

We’ve had enough…

We’re all alone
lost in a crowd
crying out loud
by ourself

we need help…

Anger fills our heart
to protect us from the grief
that tears us apart

We are falling apart

We are falling

We are…

We stand alone
so alone
so cold and alone
so lost, cold and alone
longing for a home
where we are

We’ve had enough

We are cold

We are drowning in the shallows

We are invisible in darkened shadows

We are afraid

We are scared

Our courage is fake

We are tired

We are burned

We are trying to break free
of lessons learned…

Where is the mercy

Where is the grace

Where is the love we were promised
at the foot of Christ’s grave

Who stole the way

Who blocked our path

Who weeps

Who laughs last

Who cares
if we’re lost

Who cares
if we’re broken

Who cares
without giving up

Who cares
to hold on
no matter what

with love…

We are drowning

We are dying

We are…

We are…

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This was first posted [today] on my website, where there is more written than just the poem: We are

I Should note that this was inspired by the movie DETACHMENT.


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  • Donna Keevers Driver
    Donna Keevers ...over 2 years ago

  • highbeam
    highbeamover 2 years ago

    The depth of your concern for humankind, for humanity itself, was part of the reason I asked you to be part of all I did. The posting and offering to all of us (through your link) bears witness to the correctness of what I felt from you and through you. It is my honor to have been graced with the gift of knowing you as I have… and truly hope you’ll stay in touch Donna. xo

  • You’re a beautiful person, Russ… With all my heart, I thank you. XXXXXX

    – Donna Keevers Driver

  • DreamCatcher/ Kyrah Barbette L Hale
    DreamCatcher/ ...over 2 years ago

    Yes Donna I felt this write those first few lines got me because yes a spirit is always telling me this world is not alright but yet people are always trying to tell me to be positive, You can’t be to positive and stuff when you know in reality this world is falling apart in everything . Loves You * hugs

  • {{{{{KYRAH}}}}} Love you! xxx

    – Donna Keevers Driver

  • labaker
    labakerover 2 years ago

    I read your website and this, youre on the path :) thank you for this and much more.

  • Thank you, Larry. xxx

    – Donna Keevers Driver

  • Alison Pearce
    Alison Pearceover 2 years ago

    So beautiful Donna

  • Thank you so much, Alison! xxxx

    – Donna Keevers Driver

  • Donna19
    Donna19over 2 years ago

    I like this dive Donna. One thing that caught my attention was your explanation of anger. I agree that it will rise to protect us from grief but it will also rise to protect (oddly) us from a truth which we don’t want to see at that time and truths that drown us. This poem is really one truths. Lovely as usual. xox

  • Thank you, Donna. I appreciated\ your response and hear what you’re saying. xxx

    – Donna Keevers Driver

  • Robin Monroe
    Robin Monroeover 2 years ago

    Oh yes this so speeks for our world today, so many looking outward to fulfill those hungry needs when what they seek is deep inside….things are changing I feel it still along way to go, but we are awakening…wonderful write:)

  • Thank you for your wonderful response, Robin! xxx

    – Donna Keevers Driver

  • TheBrit
    TheBritover 2 years ago

    A thought provoking write Donna! very well written!!


  • :) Thank you, dear Brit. :) xxxx

    – Donna Keevers Driver

  • SimplyRed
    SimplyRedover 2 years ago


  • Oh, how wonderful! Thank you so very much! It’s greatly appreciated!!

    – Donna Keevers Driver

  • mordechai
    mordechaiover 2 years ago

    Well, no one’s gonna accuse you of being an optimist…

  • haha! Actually, rather than link this to the page where it was written, with added thought, I should’ve wrote here that this was inspired by the movie Detachment.

    I like to write to get people to think and feel. Isn’t that what writing is about?

    – Donna Keevers Driver

  • Oh! And thank you! :)

    – Donna Keevers Driver

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