Touching base

It’s quite amusing to look back on what I’ve written and then consider how far reality has actually moved from where I’d anticipated I’d be. Re-branding and web design in still on the cards, but probably a little while off yet.

Unanticipated detours from the original plan have been a couple of visits to the northern hemisphere and a house/studio relocation – not to mention a few other things! Good news is I’m still finding time to make images and I’m very appreciative of those that have shown their support by purchasing my images in various formats.

Speaking of formats, posters and iphone cases have been big lately. So much so that I picked up an iphone case from Redbubble for my own phone and I’m impressed with the fit and finish. If you haven’t taken the plunge yet, don’t leave your pho…

Back on deck

Well, I’ve had myself a little break…not really from photography, just from regular uploads to redbubble. It’s been a good break though as I’ve finally had some time to invest in compiling some really nice calendars featuring beautiful cities, scenery, landscape, or cars and hot rods. I thought that would be a nice starting point and a way for people enjoy small collections of my images over a 12 month period.

Speaking of enjoyment…thank you very much to all the great people that have invested in my art over the last six months. I hope you’re all enjoying the prints, cards and canvas’ you’ve purchased very much. While many of you are in Europe, for those buyers in Melbourne that would like your art purchase signed, I’d be happy to do so…bubble mail me and we’ll see if we can work somethin…

Two Years!?

It’s amazing how quickly time flies – it’s been almost two years since my last post! Turns out ‘going back in a flash’ to Japan actually took two years too but I still think it’s a magnificent place.

Over those two years I’ve been working on many pictures…about 350 of which have since appeared on RedBubble. I’ve also covered what must be close to a squillion miles in the air and on the ground across Australia, USA, Europe, Japan, China, South East Asia and New Zealand and now I reckon it’s time for a little break, so you won’t see me much on RedBubble over the next little while.

Time to revisit the business plan, tidy up the image archive, (produce those calendars I’ve been promising for a while), get out there and enjoy a little of what nature has on offer and most importantly spend a li…

'My Japan'

Late last year I was lucky enough to spend a couple of weeks in Japan on business. Between meetings, presentations, site visits and functions I just about always had a camera with me. Either the Pentax K5 or the Canon S95…or sometimes both!

Prior to this trip, I’d never been to Japan before, didn’t really know what to expect, but definitely looking forward to experiencing something different. Well, Japan certainly caught me by surprise!
Japan was so different – in the best possible way. I’ve never been anywhere where everything was so busy, but everything just worked so reliably, and where everyone was calm and polite. Helpful if you’re lost and very tolerant of the conspicuous foreigner gesticulating and mispronouncing the odd sentence of Japanese when trying to communicate. Not to ment…

Taking a step back...

Oddly enough, not long after declaring my theme for 2012 would be to have fun making images, I just started to play in photoshop, experimenting, developing post processing techniques and feeling my way though what looks good…in fact I’m pretty happy with what I’ve come up with, to the point where I’ve been out with the camera specifically to create images that work well with this technique.

The inspiration behind the post processing is to come up with an impressionist feel for some images. Simplify colours and elements to produce a crisper image that suggests its real appearance and gives you a little freedom when looking at it.

Not unlike black and white, this process helps me take a step back from reality and achieve something less literal – to free up my imagination to reinterpret the …

Making Fun of 2012

Happy New Year to you!

2011 flew by at a cracking pace and to repeat something you’ve heard many times already – “it went so fast!” Thank you for viewing, commenting and buying my art during the year – thanks also to all the Bubblers creating cool and inspiring art to enjoy.

Inspiration was my theme last year, and as with many things, when you become conscious of something, all of sudden it appears more frequently in your daily routine. With an open mind I’ve consumed much content published in various blogs – not just photography, but from writing and design, to business and horology – all of which have been great for broadening my perspective and seeing things a little differently.

From all this reading a couple of phrases hang in my mind like little particles suspended in the air…

Loose ends, winning challenges, selling images and a photographer recommendation

Hello Everyone,

Been quite busy lately tying up a few loose ends so this post has been a couple of week’s coming!

First of all, a big Thank You to the people that have purchased my work recently, especially the most recent anonymous buyer that picked up a copy of .

Thanks also to everyone that voted for in the Awesome Wild Animal and Underwater Kingdom which finished the challenge as the winning image!

Also thanks to the three hosts FlowersEtc , Elaine123 , and RedbubbleSBS who also chose to feature me out of their many group members.

Before I go I thought I’d share a link to another photographer I’ve recently met through a friend. I caught up with Rowand Taylor after checking out his recent exhibition ‘Dumb dawgs in darn’ over at Federation Square here in Melbourne. He’s a real nice …

Something great to share - 50 Things Every Creative Should Know

I stumbled across this link the other day called The 50 Things Every Creative Should Know and thought it was too good not to share with the other creative people I know (and don’t know!) on RedBubble.

Established on the premise of helping new graduates adjust to the professional world there’s plenty of insights that apply to a much wider audience.

I hope you find some great tips among the 50 that you can start using today!


A year in review (!) Hello 2011

First of all, Happy New Year to everyone! I hope you’ve all had a great Festive Season and are ready to kick off 2011.

Thanks to everyone that’s supported me over the year with comments, favourites, votes, maintaining great groups on redbubble, and also those that have purchased prints, calendars and cards – especially the anonymous buyer that purchased a bundle of my cards shortly before Christmas. Thank you for buying my art.

I’m not sure where 2010 went, but it certainly disappeared in a hurry – leaving me with a little over a year between journal entries. The last time I wrote I promised some great images of NZ – of which a little more than 10 appeared in my image feed over the ensuing months. I hope you’ve enjoyed them. Typically though, I tend to wander off chasing the lead of…

Back on deck - to a RB home page feature!

Well, it’s been a busy few weeks since I’ve been on redbubble. I’ve had quite a successful business trip in New Zealand – not only kicking goals in the meeting and networking sense, but also brought home some images that do a pretty good job of capturing the beauty and atmosphere of a number of places in the North and South Islands.

Stay tuned in coming weeks as I work through the catalog of images and publish some of the best for you to enjoy. Fortunately the Russel Lupins are blooming at the moment – so expect to see a few images with some stunning foreground interest!

I was expecting a few views and maybe to see a group feature on RB when I returned. But it was an awesome surprise to discover Screw had been featured on the redbubble homepage on December 2…

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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait