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I am just an ex- cop and ‘retired’ bounty hunter, who used to do a considerable amount of painting and writting: and used to make and modify swords, besides teaching martial arts after work. The katana in most of my graphics is one that I had ‘modified’ when I was 17; the handle was too short for me and my style of sword play. It is a 17" long ax handle, carved in the shape of a dragon- long before ‘Highlander’ came out…Back in 1979, I had designed a martial arts logo for a friend of mine: it was a dragon- actually, it was the dragon that became the ‘Dragon Sunglass Company’ logo; and, of course, I did not have a copywright on it… but, it still looks pretty good. Since I was hit by a semi while on my motor cycle back in 2000, I have had to modify my ‘arts’ abit. I have been fortunate enough to have been a published poet since 1987 by both the International Society of Poetry and Noble House in England. So I recently published a book, ‘Thoughts of a Mortal Man’, through Author House; and, recently I finally had the opportunity to finish all three Reki levels; as I had been ‘healing’ others all of my life already (or so I have been told.) My sister and niece are also quite artistic ladies, and refered me to this sight. Though I am now more active in writting at this point, I still enjoy the visual arts a great deal; it is good to have such a format as Redbubble for so many artists to share their visions.
Many of my pieces use my own likeness; NOT BECAUSE I AM PRETTY! Far from it… because they are based upon my… dreams; or bits and pieces of my own life experiences… Peace to you.

  • Age: 54
  • Joined: September 2008