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Artist’s Statement

For me, landscape art photography is an almost magical tool, combining powers of time travel and physical movement. Looking a large landscape print is more than just a window to a different place and time, it’s a mechanism of transportation. I am enveloped by the scene, becoming part of it. I feel the history of that moment in time, the nostalgia, the emotion of it. The cares and worries of my normal reality all melt away and I embrace the silent wonder of being in a different place and time, if only for a few moments.

Nature is my spiritual connection, it is the part of my world that gives me completeness and peace. I feel no God in our mazes of skyscrapers and smog and asphalt, but I feel God all around in nature – the light, the air, the soil and rock, the waters the foliage, and the creatures great and small.

I make these images to maintain, for myself and for us all, that connection to the history, the wonder, and the glory of the world we live in, while we can still find it.

I am a programmer by trade. I’ve been spending too much time on the computer, so I’m getting back into photography after a long dry spell.

I really enjoy the feedback I get on my images. Praise and constructive criticism are very welcome, and purchases are really appreciated. Thanks for viewing my work!

I am happy to share my images for viewing. Please respect my copyright and do not copy or use my images for any reason without asking first. Feel free to ask, I don’t bite!

  • Joined: April 2008