Hi all,
My name is Kevin and I am a Cornishman. For the past 11years I have lived in the Republic of Ireland.
My love is photography , playing guitar (And my wife, Lynda) and at present am well into landscape. I try and show all the colours that my minds’ eye sees and employ various techniques to try and acheive this end.
I don’t take photo’s anymore but hope you appreciate what I’ve done before.

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Thanks a million folks

I try to answer all comments but if I’ve missed anybody or have not yet got to them, then thanks to you all. I’m glad i’ve taken up photography again aspecially with great guys like all of you around. I will of course be looking at all of your pages as soon as possible. I feel this is the best ever site for high grade images etc and am proud to display my work alongside yours…
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I am overwhelmed by all of your positive comments regarding my work and would like to thank you all, so thanks to you, and you and you and you ………….. / Seriously, You have all been great, Kevin
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Early August - Just a few days since I joined

Thank you all for your kind and encouraging comments. I’ve been back into photography since the begining of this year and am completely new to digital photography but not to photography itself. There was a gap of 18 years between then and now. I am an Associate member of the Royal Photographic Society A.R.P.S. (I got my distinction for theatrical portraiture). It’s great to be back…
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