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Zolan's Renegade Revenge (chapter 1)

Chapter 1

In the land of Kartanza one thing was known throughout the land, in order to survive, one must first acknowledge the fact that in order to live a full life one has to fulfill their destiny. The only thing that separates the people throughout the land is how or what they choose as their destiny. One person in particular really peaks the interest for the people around the land, and that man is Zolan. Zolan is a very unusual person pertaining to the norms of society. What I mean by this is that he doesn’t really fit in well with the rest of the people.
In truth no one knows exactly what the story is behind Zolan truly is from the beginning to now, but what is known is how and why he is where he is today. Zolan is an average looking human… for the most part. He is about 5’8” and has a lean muscular build with short dark hair atop his head. This is where it gets interesting however. His eyes are brown in color, but that can change at any time. Zolan’s eyes will change hue depending upon his mood. When he is just having a normal day his eyes are just plain brown, however, if he is feeling upset or angry then his eyes get a deep dark brown almost black color. On the other hand when he is happy then his eyes turn a very light brown. That isn’t the strange part about our hero though.
The strange part about Zolan is located on his torso. Deep blue lines run diagonally across his chest, arms, and back. There are rumors about how this had happened but no one knows for sure. The most credible story about the lines that embed him is that when he was but a child, an unknown traveling wizard went to give him his blessing and since the wizard was only an apprentice her magic was not done correctly and ever since then the lines remained on his body.
This is not where our story will begin however; our story will start off in the small village of Eschnal. Eschnal is located in the southern part of Kartanza where the weather is warm and slightly humid. In this small peaceful village everyone has their own job. Some of the jobs that are in villages like this one are the herbalist, the tailor, the doctor, the village executive (or person in charge), blacksmith, or merchant. Oriomi was the blacksmith in this village and everyone knew him to be very peaceful.
Oriomi, had lived his entire life in the village and had quite a reputation over his head of always being reliable. Ever since he was a small boy he had been taught that if you respect others than they shall respect you. He always held true to this lesson. Every day he would wake up before the sun rise and prepare the forge. The village would know when the sun was rising by the constant ting-ing sound made by his hammer on whatever he was crafting on the anvil that day. At this time in his life he was in his late 40’s (a very respectable age for humans). His wife would care for their small house they called home during the day and at night they would watch the stars before falling asleep together. One thing was missing in their life, though they weren’t sure of what quite yet.
Throughout Oriomi’s life, his one destiny was to become a master blacksmith and help out the village that he lived in any way that he could. He would willingly do any business asked of him no matter the pay rate. Though some people took advantage of this fact, for the most part he did fairly well keeping him and his wife on the better side of things. So everyday would bring another challenge for the couple and every day they would get through it together. Things seemed that nothing could possibly go wrong. That was the thinking that they had the night before…
Oriomi stretched as he rolled out of his warm and comfortable bed that morning, not knowing that it would change the rest of his life. He fulfilled his daily rituals to a tee. He would get up, stretch, find some clean linens to wear for the day (though nothing too nice because he always seemed to wreck the nice ones forging a new weapon or other various things), and then go out and fire up the forge before coming back inside to prepare some breakfast for his loving wife.
Nothing seemed out of place as Oriomi was walking through his door to the forge. He hummed his favorite tune while strolling, grateful for another day, another chance to live his life to the fullest. Not really noticing what he was doing because it was such a routine thing to do he started the fire, made sure all of his equipment was in place and then headed back in to start to prepare for the meal. He was almost at the door when his foot brushed against something peculiar however. He looked down as if he knew that this small change to his routine would be a life changing experience. What he saw not only took his breath away, but froze him entirely in place. After several long moments of staring in awe he fully comprehended what he saw, a newborn baby in a basket.
A quick look at the baby told him everything Oriomi needed to know. He looked around to see if it was just a joke, or maybe a test of his patience or kindness… no one was around. He grabbed the basket and went inside to his wife. He went to his wife who was still sleeping soundly in the bed (as most people should have been at that hour), and tried to wake her. After a few grunts and groans she finally looked over, pondering what could have possibly happened that he would wake her at this hour. Oriomi didn’t have to say anything at all though, before he even got the chance to say anything she was looking at the basking with a wide open mouth and eyes wide open.
Not knowing what to do, the couple sat in silence. They held hands and looked at the new born baby that was dropped at the doorstep of the town blacksmith and a million questions were rolling through their heads; could they keep the child, could they take care of it, where would it stay, how would they feed it, ect… at last Oriomi spoke what was on his mind.
“We need to look after this child as if it were our own. We will find a place for it to stay and a way to feed it and us accordingly.” He said, pondering if what he was saying was actually coming out of his mouth. “In order for this children to have any chance at all of living a full and happy life then we have to be the ones to start that journey for him.”
His wife shot him a glance that would force any regular man to cringe, then her face softened expressing her true feelings of happiness and excitement. She was happy that her husband was so caring and understanding and she had no idea what was to come ahead so anxiety hung in the air like a thick fog.
“We will call him ‘Zolan’”, Oriomi Announced. “I will raise him like a son and teach him the ways of our household.”
Zolan looked at the new giants like they were aliens not knowing what was going on. The baby was just glad to be inside where there was no wind against his chubby little cheeks.

Zolan's Renegade Revenge (chapter 1)

Kevin Harris

Deep River, United States

  • Artist

Artist's Description

this is one of the first stories i’ve ever written and i’m still writing it… here is the first chapter, i would appreciate ANY feedback regarding it. i will post the second chapter soon if people like the first one!! thanks :)


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