Rhys Herbert

Nottingham, United Kingdom

Freelance writer & photographer. English & Environmental Studies graduate. Cyclist.

The Discovery of RAW

After a few days with my new camera I decided to jump into the deep end and start shooting in RAW. There’s one question I’m now asking myself…Why didn’t I do this sooner?!The resulting images straight from the camera look pretty indistinguishable from the jpegs I usually shoot, but it’s the post processing where it really shines. Even using the supplied ViewNX 2 RAW editing software, images become razor sharp and any exposure problems are fixed with ease.However, the thought sprung to my mind that it could cause me to get lazy with my photos, because I know I can rescue some of the lost causes later on. BUT! I am determined that this won’t happen, and will force myself to see that the editing stage is for improving, not rescuing.

^ Cropped and sharpened in ViewNX 2 ^

If anyone has any tips on RAW conversion techniques/software that would further help to improve my PP, please do share! Thanks :)


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