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Nottingham, United Kingdom

Freelance writer & photographer. English & Environmental Studies graduate. Cyclist.

New camera!

After months of admiring from afar and researching pros, cons and everything else, I finally took the plunge today and bought myself a new toy. A Nikon D300s to be exact!It seems that working 9-5:30 for the majority of my summer holidays has paid off, because now I have the camera I’ve been dreaming of, and it feels goooood.I almost didn’t get this particular model, as I originally went out yesterday in search of a D90 in Jessops as a minor-ish upgrade to my D60, but the fact they didn’t have one in stock prompted me to raise the question: “If I get the D90, how long will it be until I want/need to upgrade?” So instead I got the details of the nearest store with a boxed D300s in stock and away I went…After impatiently waiting for the battery to charge I read as much of the manual as I could, whilst simulating the actions with the momentarily lifeless Nikon, and the moment that orange light started flickering, it was show time.My first impressions of the D300s are outstanding; the body feels rugged and able to crack the pavement if dropped (there’s NO way I’ll be trying this, I’ll just have to assume), the outer controls make everything so much easier to access than my D60, and I’m finally able to use my 50mm 1.8 and utilise it’s autofocus.There are loads of fun-tastic features which I’ve tried briefly, but we’ll see how useful they are in real world shooting in the near future.This purchase has prompted me to give RAW a go; as of yet I’ve been a little overwhelmed by the thought of it – and all the file space my poor laptop will need! – so if anyone has any tips or recommended software for RAW file conversion, I’d be immensely thankful!!Rhys

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