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My top 50 favorite sounds......what is your favorite????

1. my all time favorite sound is the sound of pancake batter being mixed in a glass bowl with a wooden spoon (childhood memory, my aunt made a lot of pancakes)
2. sizzling bacon in the frying pan on early summer mornings (my aunt also fried a lot of bacon)
3. birds chirping on an early spring morning
4. Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons”
5. the sound that fanning a deck of cards makes
6. Debbie’s sweet, sexy voice
7. the sounds of silence (simon and garfunkle)
8. horses’ footsteps on cobblestone
9. the sound of drumming fingers on a table top
10. the sound of coffee brewing
11. the hum of the barber shears when getting a short haircut
12. the sound that is made when the baseball hits the catchers mitt
13. the sound of my own singing voice in the shower :) (not the neighbor’s favorite sound however).
14. the sound of baby laughter
15. the sound that is made when a batter squarely hits a home-run ball
16. the sound of a babbling brooke
17. ocean waves crashing the beach
18. Love making sounds (fill this one in with your own imagination :)
19. the sound of rain gently falling on tree leaves
20. the sounds of distant thunder, (barely audible)
21. the sound produced when lighting a match
22. the sound of purring cat
23. the sound of clothes fluttering in the wind on a clothes line (another childhood sound memory)
24. when toast pops up in the toaster
25. the sound of “breaking wind” when you’re all alone :) (remember this is not the favorite smells list :)
26. the sound of my grand daughter’s voice on the phone
27. wind chimes
27. violins
28. tuba
29. the sound that a reel makes when a big fish suddenly takes your line
30. the sound of your own exhaling of a deep breath of fresh fresh air….
31. the sound of the one you love telling you “everything will be alright”…..
32. deep space sounds
33. native american drum beats
34. the sounds of palette knife on canvas
35. the final note of the jack in the box melody, right before jack pops up….
36. the swoosh of powder snow skiing
37. the sound that is made by the light switch when you turn a light off or on…
38. the sounds of some fireworks on the 4th of july
39. the sound that is made when you pour yourself a glass of wine
40. the pitter patter of children’s feet on the kitchen floor
41. the sound of chalk writing something on a chalk board (another ancient childhood memory, when real slate chalk boards were used and chalk was chalk :)
42. the sound of a 30 foot jump shoot swooshing the net….
43. shovel sounds while digging for worms to go fishing on an early summer morning (another childhood memory)
44. the perfect landing of a skateboard trick
45. the sound that’s made when you turn your cell phone off
46. the sound of take-off when you’re in an airplane
47. popcorn popping
48. the sound of boiling water on the stove, right before the spaghetti goes in
49. the sound of children’s clapping hands
50. the sound of applause when I kick ass at Karaoke, singing a Gordon Lightfoot song like “sundown”…..:)

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My top 50 favorite sounds......what is your favorite???? by 

sounds can be soothing, or exciting or love feeling producing……


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  • leonie7
    leonie7over 4 years ago

    The ocean and the sound of the waves rolling in lol lee


    – Kevin McGeeney

  • leonie7
    leonie7over 4 years ago

    ps a beautiful sunset to go with the ocean and the sound of the waves lol


    – Kevin McGeeney

  • hollypaino
    hollypainoover 4 years ago

    Sundown! One of my favorites. :)) xxx nice list..don’t know if I could add more, you’ve done exceptional here.

  • thanks Holly! I forgot one though…the sound of counting crisp new bills, like at the bank when the teller is counting out the money (of course I’ve never heard this sound very often :)

    – Kevin McGeeney

  • mohawk man
    mohawk manover 4 years ago

    #36, for sure; there’s nothing quite like fresh knee deep powder on a sunday morning!!!

  • oh yeah, love that sound!!

    – Kevin McGeeney

  • Enivea
    Eniveaover 4 years ago

    Wonderful sounds Kevin, and you’ve got me thinking…..

  • cool, lots of wonderful sounds to evaluate/rate lol

    – Kevin McGeeney

  • Krystal Iaeger
    Krystal Iaegerover 4 years ago

    Kevin, great list! Sizzling bacon (reminds me of my grandma), the sound of coffee brewing (it’s gonna be a good day), the sound of a home-run hit (reminds me of playing little league) and the sound of rain falling on tree leaves (a fine example of perfection in my mind) are all sounds I’d definitely put on a 50 favorite sounds list. And thanks for being honest and including #25—that made me giggle aloud. :)

  • thanks! when I made this list i discovered that it really stimulated a lot of childhood memories…your comments made me think of another one: the sound that was made when you rubbed the pad of your finger on the old phonograph needle on the record player stylus! remember that sound? a very distinctive scratchy, yet mellow sound :)

    – Kevin McGeeney

  • biddumy
    biddumyover 4 years ago
    And the sound of rustling leaves in a mellow Autumn day, great sounds all of them!!!
  • oh yeah Nice Bid, I can see it and hear it in my mind’s eye. Isn’t it funny how you can close your eyes and envision a sound with clarity???? that’s pretty amazing if you stop and think about it!

    – Kevin McGeeney

  • Krystal Iaeger
    Krystal Iaegerover 4 years ago

    Kevin, can’t say that I’ve had too many experiences with a record player in my time but I do definitely remember a sound like you mention from the times I fooled around with my father’s record player when I was a child trying to figure out how to make it all work, heh. :) The memory makes me wonder if my father still has all the 45s that belonged to my grandpa…I hope so; it’d be a trip to listen to them in 20 years’ time when they’re nearly or over 100 years old!

  • oh yeah!!! there are so many things like that that I wonder about too!!! (see my new list of 50 things that drive me nuts when I think about them lol)

    – Kevin McGeeney

  • Joanne Jackson
    Joanne Jacksonabout 4 years ago

    The sound of an orchestra tuning up prior to a concert, and then the moment when their sound ceases….and the conductor walks out.

  • wow yeah I love that!!!!

    – Kevin McGeeney

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