Sunnyvale, United States

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I’m an artist currently living up in Southern California, at least for now.

Just living it up, making friends, keeping friends, and sharing what I do. I enjoy art, snowboarding, music, and video games, among other things.

I’m a huge sucker for cute crap that has enough general awesome to not be laughable and I love food.

More times than not, I’m working side by side with my creative partner in crime, dBear, and we create things together.

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New Redbubble

Wow, Redbubble has really evolved in the last few years. It looks great! / Lots of new features, products, new look, everything. / Lots of new things in life, lots of new art, and will have to try posting here more. :)
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Where The Wild Things Are

The Where The Wild Things Are movie is approaching. / I’ve been excited as all hell for this movie. Anybody else? / The trailers look amazing. If you haven’t seen them yet, go check them out. I suppose the movie is more exciting for fans of the book and/or for those who grew up with the book. / What’s so amazing, is the trailer, so far, looks to really do the book justice. I per…
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Featured Page

Wow. / This is pretty amazing. I had a shirt on the RedBubble featured page once, and it was awesome, but now the Everything You’ve Done Wrong shirt got on the featured page too? / Frickn’ awesome! You guys all rock. Thanks a ton, I appreciate it!
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New Blog / If you’re on Livejournal, you can follow the new blog via: / So I have a new blog. / My blogspot blog will be more centered around art. The blogspot will have most of the details and breakdowns of art I post, a lot of which I don’t post on RedBubble.
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