Contemporary Jeweller
Digital Illustrator
Compulsive Photographer

I live in Rural SA with my creative partner in crime/art, a beautiful and ever smiling daughter, ball obsessed Border Collie, smoochy Samoyed, 4 cats and 6 chooks in an old Miners cottage.

I originally trained in Jewellery and Metalsmithing while doing a Bachelor of Design.

I am now concentrating on renewing artistic pursuits after a 5 year sojourn as a chef.

I am also learning to be a little easier on myself on the painfully slow journey to recovery from the chronic fatigue which plagues me. I have to remind myself it’s quality over quantity that matters whenever I get disheartened by my enforced slow pace.

My partner is a patient teacher of all things vector and digital, so I am really enjoying this new way of expressing my ideas.

If you would like to know a bit more about me I have been interviewed by the lovely Sasha Grbich of ABC Open.

Find the latest work of myself and my partner at

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Please check out my Spoonflower site, feedback wanted :)

I discovered this site through the irrepressible dynamo that is TBO, just got my proofs fabric samples back today and would love some feedback :) / Kerry / Linked Text
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