Made it to the home page!

While I wasn’t looking RedBubble went and put one of my photos on the home page on April 27.

That’s mine on the top right: ‘Card sharks’.

I blame my niece, who is exceptionally gorgeous, and I’m not biased at all. ;-)

I’ve also had a number of features since I last bragged in a journal entry. Here they are below, in tasty little clickable morsels.

Happy snapping, everyone!


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Features in the last week:

Downtown was featured in Cityscapes and City Skylines:

Enter was featured in Melbourne & Victoria:

School’s started for the year this week, so officially my head is supposed to be busy with writing rather than photography now. But writing’s so much more difficult and draining – photography’s my escape from having to think so hard. So I’ll probably still be snapping away and fiddling on Photoshop as a very well-practised form of procrastination!


Fun with film and features

My Holga and I have been having a little love affair lately. I finally got some negatives from a 2008 trip to the US scanned, and I’ve been taking lots of black-and-white snaps over summer. I just love all that gorgeous grain, the moody monochrome, those sumptuous squares, the alluring imperfections and glorious glitches. Every time I get a roll back, some get thrown out but others surprise me. It’s made photography fun again. (Plus, a plastic toy camera is light as a feather and easy to chuck in your bag.) Here are some of the Holga snaps I’ve posted so far:…

I’ve also had some features since my last journal entry. Here are the recent ones.

Featured in Photographers of RedBubble and Oh So Emotional:

The Human Condition:

Melbourne & Victoria:

Moody and Evocative:

Yes, it’s true. I

I'm a featured artist!

In The Black & White Enthusiast group. How cool is that? Plus, they featured my photo Follow the path.

Meanwhile, I’m still working through all the snaps I took at the Melbourne Show back in September. A few of them have snuck into my RB profile, but my flickr profile is slowly filling up with oodles of tackiness. Mega Rockstar showbag anyone? (Close your eyes if they’re sensitive.)

Dude. I want one.

A sale!

I made my first sales this week. Well, a friend asked me to make up a calendar for her with her chosen photos. She also bought two greeting cards.

I’ve also had a few features in the past week or so.

Flying was featured in Children – The Power of Raw Emotion:

Okkervil River #1 was featured in People and Portraiture Photography:

Teddy was featured in The Woman Photographer:

Meanwhile, I’ve been making up calendars to give to people as Christmas presents. RedBubble has made Christmas shopping so much easier this year!

Holga heaven

One of my Holga shots, ‘Sunlight on Merri Creek’, was featured this week in the Melbourne & Victoria group:

I finally got all the Holga shots I took during my USA trip in 2008 scanned. Some of them turned out beautifully. I confess I miss the whole film thing in this digital age: the glitches and grain, the surprise of seeing how your photos actually turned out after they’re processed and in your hands… and with a Holga the unpredictability is part of the fun. You just never know what you’ll end up with when you shoot with a plastic toy camera!

Here’s a sneak peek of Chicago and Charleston, South Carolina:

Oodles of features and calendars

I haven’t posted a journal entry for a while, but I just wanted to share with you the photos that have been featured in groups in the past four weeks. (I’ve just learnt how to do clickable thumbnails – yippee!)

Cityscapes and City Skylines:

Winner of Bubblers’ Weekly Challenge – The Letter P:

Oh So Emotional:

Who Needs Color For Beauty? – Black & White Art At Its Best:

The Art of Intrigue:

People and Portraiture Photography:

Out of the Blue:

Melbourne & Victoria:

Love for your Children:

I’ve also been busy making calendars.

Whew. I’ve never sold anything on RedBubble and it would be ever-so-exciting to make my first sale. One day…

This week's features!

What? and Okkervil River #2 were featured in Photography Fun:

Family portrait was featured in Bubblers’ Weekly Challenge, because it was in the top ten for the ‘specs’ challenge:

Once more with feeling was featured in Love for your Children:

Peg was featured in Art of the Mundane:

I haven’t taken any photos for ages because I’m in the middle of end-of-semester assignment hell, but in a couple of weeks I can catch up on editing the huge backlog that goes back to August.

It’s a beautiful, sunny day and I’m heading off for a bike ride – I might throw my Holga into my bag…

Features - and some accidental deletions

This week, The softness of spring was featured in The Woman Photographer:

And Hosier Lane was featured in The Art of Intrigue:

I also, somehow, accidentally deleted a couple of photos last night – Sand and sky and Escape – but they’re back up now. It’s a bummer losing all those comments and favourites, but that’ll teach me to… I don’t know, something. Whatever it was that I did. I won’t do that again. ;-)

This week's features

It’s been a big week for me! (Maybe this is what happens when you’re so busy with looming end-of-semester assignments that you’re thinking about other things.)

Okkervil River #1 was featured in Black and White Photography:

Cherub was featured in Live, Love, Dream:

These two were featured in The Woman Photographer:

Follow the Path

Sheepy and me

These photos were featured in Children-The Power of Raw Emotion:

Hello turtle


Funny face

I’m a monster

(I’ve clearly got a lot of raw emotion going on this week.)


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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait