A simple Girl

Last year my daughter entered a competition, it was to become the new Teen Simple Star (Simple) Both she and I asked the people of Redbubble to help by voting for her online, Something worked as she was sent through to the final stage of Beauty boot camp, and walked away the winner.

So thank you to the Redbubble community, you were fantastic.

My daughter is only 13 and she wants to get into fashion photography,so working in a company and having all these doors opened for her is just such a great opportunity.

She has started making vlogs and posting blogs for simple now, and she has been enjoying it immensly.

First Vlog – photo shoot

Second Vlog – Junior Board Meeting

The above were her first two vlogs, she is learning more every time and she will hopefully come across as a pro as the months go by.

Thank you again for the support that you gave her.

Cat Deen

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