I hope that you enjoy my pictures, I welcome comments, and I am open to learn new things about photography.

You can find my work laid out into sets at the Bubblesite
So please come along and have a look.

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or to see up to date works visit calanthaphotography.com

I do not add a lot of work, one or two every now and again, I like to experiment with different ideas and themes, this is the reason you will find many different styles of work.

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My Favourite Pictures of the moment


Just 13

The Lone Swan

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Come and Take Your Prize – You’re Accepted.

For-The-Kindness-of-Strangers – Live and Let Live

An insight to my Heart – You’re Accepted

The Biggest Disappointment Was You – You’re Accepted.

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Canvas Prints.

Are you a Photographer, a painter or any kind of artist, do you want to give out your favourite image / s as a Christmas / birthday present. / There are three deals, or a fourth can be arranged. / Package 1 / 12″ × 8″ × 17mm deep frame / 1 @ £11.99 / then a further / 10 @ £8.99 / (£11.99 then £80.91) / Package 2: / 18″ × 12″ × 38mm deep frame / 1 @ £19…
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A simple Girl

Last year my daughter entered a competition, it was to become the new Teen Simple Star (Simple) Both she and I asked the people of Redbubble to help by voting for her online, Something worked as she was sent through to the final stage of Beauty boot camp, and walked away the winner. / So thank you to the Redbubble community, you were fantastic. / My daughter is only 13 and she wants to get into f…
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