Lightwave Gallery ~ Painting Dilemas

Lightwave Gallery moves closer to completion, all the structural work is done and after a few dramas the painting is now complete.

We have chosen a vivid green as our accent colour for signage and details etc, however, I thought that the boys were getting a little carried away with the green, splashes and odd shapes were appearing all over the gallery, OK, enough is enough, who’s doing this, they both denied it and remarked that they thought it was me, Oh! Mr invisible again then, its bad enough having spocks lot (teleport Journal) causing havoc with the building work, boys this has gone too far, the painting work has to be completed this week or we will blow the deadline.

Anway, about last Tuesday teatime there was a loud splat sound and an electric green flash from the big gallery…

Lightwave Gallery ~ electrical faults

Journal 2
Lightwave Gallery, under construction, 12 days into the build and great progress has been made, The sub structure to the raised walkway is in place, the shop front entrance is enclosed and glazed and my office is enclosed.

However, we have had a lot of electrical problems with the Karewa Room, we couldn’t work out the lighting configuration, as the week progressed we kept getting strange light flashes, a bright coloured anomaly but only at a certain angles to the light. This is what it looked like.

About wednesday we thought that we had better call for help, Steve and Ashley thought that they saw ghostly figure in the Karewa Room, these figure appear for a brief second when the lights are turned off, we had also noticed that tools had been moved and objects arranged is a ci…

Lightwave Gallery ~ Under Construction

DANGER, Men at Work

Work started on The Lightwave Gallery, 31 Totara Street, Mount Maunganui, this will become my own gallery and studio with smaller gallery space for other artist and exhibitions.

Joining the gallery from day one and the construction team is Ashley Grant, Architect and stone carver, Steve Allan, builder and metal plant sculptor.

The Plan



Time frame
August, construction and finishing
September, Signage, work mounted, publicity to print.
October, grand opening on the 5th.

Well, thats the plan and as they say “Only mad dogs and Englishmen!”

Ken Wright, Lightwave Photography Ltd
021 995 092

HOW, how, HOW?

can any one tell me, how do I copy and image to place it in a journal, I use to go to the image, select edit then right click on the image, drop down to “copy image address” the paste this address between two !! and bingo the image would be there.

Under the new system, when I go to edit image, the image is now an icon and if you go near that it will only let you change the image, if I go to the image in public view and click on it all i get is an enlargement with my copy write through it.

So, all you new comers, how the hell does this site now work, I cant see how I can add images to a journal.

Yours, even more frustrated of New Zealand.


Matapihi Railway Bridge - Morning, Noon and Night

I was asked by Creative Tauranga to present an idea for a piece of art for the new TECT Arena at bay Park to Tauranga City Council, a small number of artists and photographers were invited, lucky for me the idea was accepted.

Matapihi Railway Bridge – Morning, Noon and Night – The Concept

This work originates from a small seed of an idea, I had to photograph a panoramic view of the Matapihi Bridge from the harbour side. It’s an idea that grew and multiplied each time I visited the bridge, then it turned into a concept of “Morning Noon and Night."

concept presented to the council

A simple idea struck me just from looking at the rails. I’ve seen lots of rails around the North Island, and many of them are rusty and tarnished from lack of use. The rails at this location…

Parehua Luxury

My Palliser Bay limited edition canvases are on display at one of New Zealands’ premier luxury country estates PAREHUA

Contemporary and classic Parehua is set in world-class Wairarapa wine region just a few minutes walk from the charming historic Martinborough wine village, New Zealand. Enjoy wine and food escapes, celebrations, weddings, honeymoons and corporate entertaining and retreats. or phone 0800 4 Parehua (0800 472 734)

The Parehua Experience
One hour’s drive from Wellington, New Zealand’s capital city, the exclusive Parehua Country Estate is set in the world-class Wairarapa wine region, just a few minutes walk of the charming historic Martinborough wine village, New Zealand.

A chance cyber meeting with CEO and Master Chef Kent Baddeley (on Red Bubble as ka…

New book published

I produced a book of all the canvases in my first show, these were done as gifts for a couple of very important people, they received a lot of comments on the night so I have now made them public and available in the blurb store

Coastal lightwaves

Its 44 pages and contains 40 seascapes, 12’’ square.

check it out,


My First Exhibition


For all of you that can’t be in Upper Hutt, New Zealand on Friday 31st July for my opening night at Archibalds.

This is my first exhibition, it runs from saturday the 1st of August to the 18th of September, an exhibition of around 40 seascape canvases, to be opened by Lance Lawson (guest speaker), professional photographer and friend.

This has been a long while coming and has taken some gentle prods from dear friends Edward Hodges and Amanda Allen to get of my bum and do something positive with my work, its taken a huge leap of faith to organise and finance the show, no small undertaking to invest in a show this size, so fingers crossed.

The Publicity
i produced 200 folding invite for the opening night with a chance to win a free canvas just for turning …