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5th Grade Field Trip by kenroome pepper patch by kenroome Science Rests… “on experiments, but science is rooted in conversations.” / like a river’s running / time calls me downward / through lan… What World's Become by kenroome Pyewacket by kenroome but... by kenroome ...was it the light... by kenroome Autumn Walk by kenroome against separation this stirring, this moment of burgeoning toward something / real but not dream / this edge of golden sightling breaking purpled slate / th… nevermore memory brings me so Passing the brush / his hand moves in time / a dream / this canvas timeless the moon is always female four blackbirds float an empty sky / their lilt and lift undaunted and free, infinite soar / a tree stands alone the empty landscape / root… Midnight Swim Feet mingle / Like fishes in streams of black cold / Oceans / Alight silvery tickles / Alone no more / Our lives beyond the otherwise of ho… werewolves in love the moon will trick you / if it can, / the bright opalescence / telling the life in cyclical story; / meanwhile / it risks losing the unavo… new morning it’s a breezy morning / the panties are hanging on the line, swaying to rhythm / like echos of hips / dancing with love. who am I? for every sorrow there exists an equally unmitigated joy / but in the midst of sorrow – this is only theoretical knowledge. / you can… when When the full moon rises over scattered western skies / when the 7th house of the infinite circle becomes splintered and derelict / when im… lines there is a sweet equipollence silently spinning the world in a dream-bed of stars / light is the razor’s edge – that single mom… Even in cacophonous surround Still survives Passing the Atlanta Georgia statehouse at 2:13am proves out the legendary. / The “Free At Last” Bailbonds emboldens the cold ma… witnesses of love…. waves, shore, beach, sex, lovers, starlight, wind, heart, kissing toil yet the day the view / from the top of the mountain / has been / more or less / defined through the constraints / and toils / wrought along the road / … I was Unaware of the Far Reaching Moment: reading… 1979 NYC / seated, were six people seen / through the grim window of subway train 696 / stopped at the 42nd street platform. / one woman we… …and you wondered if this was true. deep memory of place day 4 Rain falls as if the heavens could cry for all the years of toil upon the uneven plain – the years of holding herself against the pai… no more dreams said I went out on a limb / to cut down the tree. then free-fell upside down / right off the turnip truck. / bounced three times / along the yell… Lover’s Inks Lie with me Starra. Lie with me in Simplicity"s grassy bed, Her green tendrils of tender tickling the soft flesh of our humaneness. … Four Kings The most elegant was Schemp. White and gray and tall for a cat, the one most comfortable in his fur. When Schemp appeared in a place, he … The End of the time of the jealous god / the one who kept the garden to himself / who could not bear the happiness of innocence / who told us with … God is like…. …a woman’s pleated skirt… / staid and still is just for dignitaries. / …It’s dancing her through spin and whi… Abrupt it was. The very white cat crouches patiently / behind the very tall greenery, / a suddenness about to fly four feet / through the silent air landi… …and the morning happens even before it act… windows enable time / my neighbor has three dogs. wasn’t it just last week the new puppy could barely hop over the short grass? now… The Local Physicality: a venue in flavortown Flavor? I’m a big fan. I love the exotic feel of a coffee’d morning, crisp sangria conversations over late-nite suppers, lazy… 2:46 I’m thinking there might be truth in tension. / I’m thinking perhaps the mind, the heart, is a parallel’d series of tiny … 2 days and a lifetime by kenroome Things that I Love? the far coming of morning in each moment’s molecule of patience. that dusk is veil after veil of tease. / that the sky is famous for what … Best Sister Ever! yesterday at my sister’s work, / the big bossy boss settling the troops, / a big box of donuts to help the medicine go down, / thank … Shift there is an illusive sheen facing balance - / a reflection playing against itself - / there, not there / daily we work within iridescent fa… Look, I understand movement, that the earth turns, the days and seasons to pass without comment or threat of doom. That the very universe is exp… Willow Oak and Memorial Garden A tree falls in singular communion with all death. Only poetry hears the wept silence, / the felling of the great god of Mercy. Then, / a… The Cat: furry ball of purring joy or inter-dimen… In Neruda’s, Book of Questions, one line haunts me: “how many questions does a cat have?” Of which I’m sure the an… brilliance slowed through a school zone the brilliance of the event horizon / moves faster even than light’s steel-rim wheels on black caddy convertibles / hurling toward Th… “Everyday you have less reason not to give … “He was right, for when we choose / the way by which our only life / is lived, we choose and do not know / what we have chosen, for… A Beautiful Impermanace It takes 8 minutes for the Sun’s light to strike the Earth. / Everything you see has already happened. Darkness is universal const… IF I were grasses / rain would be an answered prayer of refreshment / or / were a flower / sunshine would be powerful praise of Gloria / and /… Again the Nuance: play in 4 acts “What, ye so understand the beginning ye now look toward the end?” Jesus, from “Reading Judas” by Elaine Pagels and… Why the Peacock Crosses the Road? …because the Rooster was all a fuss. / There is a place I strive to be. / but don’t worry, that’s just the rational min… a wanted thing How the presence of you / is / the weight of the impression / made / a slipping deeply into the ragged / body / this dawn breath only exist… Between the idea/And the reality/Between the motion/And the act by kenroome difference without you / i am a dawn no horizon breaks…the event waiting to never happen / a vanishing point at the edge of always seeing / i am… yes, another previously published poem format imi… 1. I feel like I’m not doing enough to promote myself in the world. / 2. I feel like I deserve a promotion. / 3. I feel like promoter… Catalouge of Skin “ For wasn’t the point that stories, like love, / are spelled out on the skin against loss?” Jane Hirshfield from, “Against Loss” / you gi… An Art Lover’s Theme At one time many of us have had some type of encounter with art. Perhaps as a grade schooler you were marched along a line of paintings at… Found meaning by kenroome what flies between our feets dangle in the pool like fishes tethered to dreams-in-waiting of starry heaven’s sparkle, and eyelash whispers slip our to… …except in us. let the Holy be as moonlight’s / streaming’ of glow through curtained windows / and crooked latillas / let the Sacred be as fir… I am not my Father! Except for maybe that one ti… Dad was simple. / No hidden agenda, secret handshakes, no foreign language. / Dad worked. Often 2 or more jobs at once. Worked hard at wh… Spelling Be Did anyone see the spelling bee? / See it live in living color / last night on the TV? Children spelling words / bigger than their accumul… Ramshackle by kenroome Speaking Through Bone A memory. A small group of elephants moves through a journey. Several days ago, the matriarch began leading this small group a long a path … NC Hywy 73 east: a walker’s view The same. / Blue sky floats white puffs of delicious wet thought-drops; / stone chimney’d houses front lakes of water that / swim in … Adam, Where Art Thou? …at the moment being shot through the sky like confiscated toothpaste from a pressurized tin can… / which by the way, just beca… How do you speak with someone whose house has jus… … of today we estimate the fire at 31 square miles, (the city of Denver takes up 24 square miles) / ….what started as a small local bru… The Light I came / I saw / I Illuminated! / Now quit yer whine’n and git to wrk! bravery the terrible storm encapsulates / light….an inescapable darkness punctuated by blinding white / sound…rumbling waves… li… In the tears of art In the tears of art / Fly with me a while…through the cosmos…releasing the adamant of time and space…hitch your heart to directionless ion … Moon and stars Book by kenroome Moon and Stars book page 9 by kenroome Moon and Stars book page 3 by kenroome the poet thinks in the unattainable while eating … silence like leaf’s breath / genius like silver shards of light piercing eye-beams / surrender like dogs to fields of running / longi… Silhouette of Life by kenroome What Hails Thee Oh Trusted Scout? by kenroome Firefighter “I am always searching for peace, but it is the forest fire that forces open the pine cones, / allowing for new trees to grow” … Blinded by the speed of nowhere by kenroome Shimmering city lights sup on the dreams of the h… Street lights mingle earth dreams. / Again Surrender, / awakening moonlit hope. / Dark to dark my heart travels, / through the blank storef… The chalkboard in the coffee shop asked “What animal would you most love as a pet?” / exotic……simple…..companionable…….protector / I̵… The Poem Guy by kenroome Tall Ships Sail Away Through the Sudden Sky by kenroome The Moon is Always Female by kenroome Traveling Heart by kenroome Refreshment by kenroome
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