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Concord, United States

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the quartered moon at morn
the morning star at its side
the dog, still a moving shadow-figure along the make-believed woods edge.

as his pant walks before me
the black heaven breathing from above
i realize how enamored I have become with silence,
its presence in the space between footfalls
like a well I step into over and over again

no, not a courage
rather a suspension of doubt that everything which exists –
smells, color, rustles, expectations –
all depend on a rooster doing all it knows how to do

and of course the dog, in his forthrightness,
leading the way toward heaven


  • linaji
    linajiabout 1 year ago

    it’s a wonder how today is just about all that is true. Byron Katie drives this thought home.
    wonderful work Ken

  • Donna19
    Donna19about 1 year ago

    Ahhhhh such a giving work Ken. Today has this feel and I’m so excited to see what unfolds here. Loved this very much, imagery was great and I coulda been there.

  • Vesna *
    Vesna *about 1 year ago

    I really like how you described silence “its presence in the space between footfalls” ken, it’s true that silence is a rare commodity these days
    wonderful to read you again

  • Anthea  Slade
    Anthea Sladeabout 1 year ago

    Just beautiful. A deeply knowing and inspiring write.

  • Alenka Co
    Alenka Coabout 1 year ago

    Just before sunrise here and I’m watching the moon with her companion star …… how good it is to hear your words across the ‘universe’, feel the silence of your walk. Good morning, Ken …. here a kookaburra laughing has broken the silence, a nice way to break it :))

  • annamora
    annamoraabout 1 year ago

    not a courage but a suspension od doubt …..yeah I like that
    So good read you Ken :)

  • kendrickj
    kendrickjabout 1 year ago

    Good to see you back Ken :)

  • StarraNBlade
    StarraNBlade7 months ago

    I miss those literal walks, and I am glad you are still taking us on the walks of your spirit and vision.