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I haven’t done any docent work for a while, but today at lunch my wife and I were talking about staying in North Carolina and one of the positives was the Arts Council. I was relating that since the change in state government a year ago, the conversation about arts, as in support for programs, has been cut-off at the state level, so any progress happening at the county local level is entirely due to the efforts of council directors, staff, artists and docents making a difference with each public contact.

One of the difficulties with docent work, I was saying, is being able to tell when an individual is uncomfortable with or intimidated by the art in front of them. So often the reasons for art appear to be in its utility – What am I supposed to do with this? kind of feeling. …


To all of you still reading me- thank you bunches. I’m still carving out time for redbubble. For those who leave any comments thank you, I’m still working on the time to read and respond. Thank you everyone.

And So

Neil deGrassee says that we are spinning along with the planet at 800 miles an hour and that if earth stopped spinning even for just one second, we would all go flying eastward at 800 miles an hour and that would be a bad day on Earth. But Einstein said that time speeds up and slows down and that space is curved – so maybe we would all just go around the corner, albeit a bit fastly.

The difficulty with tomorrow, even just a second ahead, is that you can’t really imagine it except from where you are now. But as soon as you say now, it’s past, and the difficulty with the past is that you can only see it form where you are now.

As I type this I’m sharing a chair with a cat whose very existence was unknown, (to me) a week ago. Sure, I understood the concept – …

of what star?

It’s hard sometimes – to distance from the timeline, what was and what’s coming. Even harder is to see beyond prefigured scales of place; each life like those crazy Russian dolls each one fitting a specific niche and scale.

But it helps to think in terms of soul. And I don’t mean soul in body, but just soul.

My precious little family is getting into a home this week. A real house that we can work to make our own. When my wife and I drove up to see it, we could only view the outside and get peeks through the window. I was of course looking at the physical structure, what was good and bad (so man of me), while my wife was listening. As we wandered around the yard, she was picking up the dirt, touching the grasses and little weed flowers – and listening ( …

another day

“To work deliberately in the form of the fragment can be seen as stopping or appearing to stop a work closer, in the process, to what Blanchot would call the origin of writing, the centre rather than the sphere. It may be seen as a formal integration, an integration into the form itself, of a question about the process of writing. It can be seen as a response to the philosophical problem of seeing the written thing replace the subject of the writing. If we catch only a little of our subject, or only badly, clumsily, incoherently, perhaps we have not destroyed it. We have written about it, written it and allowed it to live on at the same time, allowed it to live on in our ellipses, our silences.”

— Lydia Davis, “Form as Response to Doubt”

…but do we have, in this world of…


the quartered moon at morn
the morning star at its side
the dog, still a moving shadow-figure along the make-believed woods edge.

as his pant walks before me
the black heaven breathing from above
i realize how enamored I have become with silence,
its presence in the space between footfalls
like a well I step into over and over again

no, not a courage
rather a suspension of doubt that everything which exists –
smells, color, rustles, expectations –
all depend on a rooster doing all it knows how to do

and of course the dog, in his forthrightness,
leading the way toward heaven

saying good-bye

I don’t know about most single people, but I’ve found that of recent I’m grieving (I suppose) for the days that are no longer mine. We all accept changes and change as it occurs day to day. However, while I look forward to what is coming, what has past slowly fades and I’m unwilling to leave it hanging. I’m not really feeling that I can contribute adequately to the work on a regular and especially consistant basis. It sometimes feels like I’m robbing one need to pay others.

So, I’m closing off the writing sites for now.

I have loved the artists I found on RB, there is so much good work going on. I’m wanting to leave with this: art is a community unto itself, there for it deserves a valued place in our understanding of community. I ha…


I just map-quested directions from Florida, where I am now, to NC where I headed. NC is where I came from 6 months ago to pick up this family. Truly life is a circle.

For someone who once thought about becoming a monk, moving 3 women, 8 cats, and 2 dogs state to state is quite the experience.

Thank you all for your recent comments on my writing. I will get to respond individually to you when we get where we are going.

I am looking forward to working at the art gallery again, and each one of my girls is looking forward to exploring new territory.

Peace to you all.

your friend,


A friend posted this Sagan quote on facebook and sent it to me with a challenge to write out my thoughts. I’ve always been an admirer of Dr. Sagan so it wasn’t to hard to come up with some ideas. While I’m pretty sure he was never an proponent of either religion or anything called God, he definitely felt the power of creation throughout the cosmos. I haven’t posted here in a while but this is the direction my writing has taken. Many thanks in advance for any who venture here.

“There are many hypotheses in science which are wrong. That’s perfectly all right; they’re the aperture to finding out what’s right. Science is a self-correcting process. To be accepted, new ideas must survive the most rigorous standards of evidence and scrutiny.”



In just a few hours I get on a bus for Florida, where I’ll be joining my newest family members – Starra, Megan the daughter, Kyla the daughter, Jack the dog, Suki the dog and numerous cats who wish to remain anonymous.

I may be off the air for a bit. Hope all you ArtCats keep safe and well, and I look forward to catching up with all of you.


“get on with it then.”

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