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animal dialogues

Seven People You are not going to like this story. But it’s part of the reality, or at least, one kind of reality. It also uses language I don&#… Ode to My Cat Minx Did I ever tell you? / the second night I had my cat / I heard his new meow calling / from upon a rooftop, where he / had ventur… This Cat IS the Hot Tin Roof by kenroome Wolves of Ourselves (repost) The Wolf at Howl. It is many myths to those who choose to listen: a pack ritual, a lonely cry toward companionship, a song of the earth so… Generous Protector …..that’s what my indian medicine book says is the spirit of Raccoon. It says that a troop of Raccoons is a comedy of generosi… Is it Art or is it Memorex What are the risks of being alive? / I am standing, alone, in an art gallery, staring into a painting: / a man, standing alone, staring acr… A Wilding on the Street Where You Live There are worlds between us – flickers of the sightless and soundfull; / voices calling and answering – heard maybe only like i… Mother’s Evening Prayer I worry, / the little ones, / the raw and difficult night, / fur streaked with mud and bone, / hunting, learning, surviving; / instead woul… Predation Requiring Solitude, a story (repost) You could be asked to a gathering, assembling with others around a fire. It could be late spring in a Rocky Mountain state, snow left only … Two Goats in a Row of Divine Light. The Further … In the time of statehood, my county took up about half of it, from the foot of the rockies clear to the Kansas line. Now not so much. But… Adaptation and the Land of Forever Promise “and I truly reiterate,…nothing’s small! / no lily-muffled hum of a summer bee, / but finds some coupling with the spinni… God is Alive Magic is Afoot; or The “Hornin… “Is it not by his high superfluousness we know / Our God? For to be equal a need / Is natural, animal, mineral: but to fling / Rainbo… The Black and Red of it A couple of nights ago I had two dreams about ants, ants that for some reason were stinging me. I tried, for a couple of days, to remember…