I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I am employed as a sysadmin for Novell Netware file servers and networks…

My interests are cars (vintage, muscle, classic, restomods, streetrods). I presently own a 1960 Corvette since 1983.

I’m also interested in digital photography, digital 2D and 3D art….

I also love NHL hockey….

  • Age: 61
  • Joined: July 2007



I’m super glad I found about this corner of the internet….. I think it’s gonna be a fun ride here…. / I hope most of you like cars and hot rods… They’ve been a passion of mine since I was a young boy and now I’m into my early 50’s… / My Mom often tells me with a pencil in my hand one of the first things I drew as a young lad was a car….
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