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My book is now on Amazon...or from me!

In case any of you would be kind enough to want to order my new book, Into the Crimson Light (92 pages of my fantasy/horror art, with sketches, reference photos, step by step progressions), I now have the actual books in hand! You can either order them postpaid from me for 18.00 (signed), or if you want a sketch, we can agree upon an added amount for that…or you can order it from Amazon at . Thanks!

Ordering my new book

Hi all!

If any of you would like to order my book, Into the Crimson Light (92 pages of images by me, including progressions, photos, sketches and scintillating text by yours truly), you can get it two ways. If you just want an ebook/pdf, you can go to and get it for 5.99. If you want the actual book, you can pre order a signed copy for 18.00 post paid from me (I will have the books in hand in a few weeks), or a copy with a sketch (of a subject you request, if you like) for a total of 30.00. Email me at for instructions or questions (or ask here, of course).


My Kickstart program has launched!

MY KICKSTARTER PROGRAM HAS LAUNCHED!!! So, please, if you support my art at all, check out the link below and of course, donate…there are many rewards for your kindness! Go to . If you are not familiar with Kickstarter, it is a program/website that enables people to realize their dreams, including music, film, art, books and much more. In my case, it is to fund the publishing of my book, Into the Crimson Light, which collects some of the best fantasy/horror art of my career. If you like my work at all, please check out the link and if can, contribute. Thanks very much!

Need a male model for painting

Hey everyone.

I have a comic cover I have to do somewhat soon and need a guy to pose (a very simple pose) for it. I am thinking along the lines of a Christian Bale in American Psycho type. If any of you out there meet that description or any photographers might have someone, please let me know. I can only afford a reimbursement of 20 dollars US (the job doesn’t pay much). Please let me know or email me at

The actual pose is a shot of the guy in a white suit, with his body partially turned away from the camera, but face turned partially towards camera. He is holding a mask in one hand and down by his side, a knife in the other.

also....tweet tweeet

Just a heads up, if anyone wants to follow the steady or not so steady stream of inanities and posts from doofus city (population: me), I am kenmeyerjr there…still new to the proccess, so expect mistakes.

Finally, my book is ready for purchase!

Hi everyone!

I have been working on a book of my vampire/macabre type art for a little while now and it’s finally done and ready to be bought! You can go to to order it in either softcover or two varieties of hard cover. You can order it from me, add a bit for postage, and I will sign it for you. You can do that and add 50 bucks, and I will do a sketch inside for you as well. Or, just order it from the publisher, then send it to me with a little included for postage back to you.

Hope you don’t mind the plug and I hope at least a few of you will go check it out! You can see the first 15 pages in a preview.



Rejection explanations that mean nothing

I have a suggestion for any moderator who has the unenviable task of writing one of those form ‘this is why your work was not accepted’ notes. Maybe it’s just me, but I would rather just read ‘sorry, your work was not accepted, better luck next time!’ than something so useless as ‘your work was not accepted due to possible bad cropping, too much white space, blurry images, images that are too sharp, too dark, too light, or just basically wrong.’ None of these ‘one size fits all’ explanations does anyone any good.

Just my two cents. Love this place!

1000 drawings/paintings project

A few of you might have seen a few entries from my 1000 drawings project. What was it, you ask (hey, you asked)?

A few years ago, I did a graphic novel (actually, a series of short installments that were later collected into a graphic novel). It was repackaged twice and is being repackaged again, this time with newly colored art (painted traditionally over the black and white watercolor pages), two new covers and….1000 drawings/paintings to be inserted into 1000 special volumes. Because of the small amount the publisher could afford, I had to limit the time I could spend on each one. I tried to keep them to an average of 10 minutes each, even on the painted one.

If any of you would like to see many from the last batch (all color) or an assortment of the drawings, please go to Facebo…