Kelly Boyle – Creator of Spontaneous Psychedelic Phantasmagoria

The artwork presented reflects a personal journey of self-awareness and progression of finding balance between my emotive and logical nature. Influenced by surrounding frequencies, environments and everything else that I absorb on the way; happiest at gigs in a meditative state, each pen stroke produced in time with the beat. Tuning in I capture the flow and the essence of the moment, creating a world within itself that illustrates my own life-force and that which encircles me. I use ballpoint pens when drawing and acrylics and posca pens when painting.

Intuitively making initial marks then logically give shape to the imagery presented, rotating the page when stumped allows for a fresh perspective and direction. Having freedom without ideas leaves no room for mistakes or self-deprecation, everything happens as it should. Retrospectively through symbology, lessons and meaning become apparent.

The eyes are the soul of my work; they represent my emotion at the time of creation. Each piece is transformational and titled with the date of completion, which directs the order of progression.

Life’s natural balance of order and its contrasting factors are highly influential in my work, which is represented by my need to always achieve balance over perfection.
The imagery appears differently to different archetypes/people, suggesting a conversation between objective and subjective perspectives. I believe this to be important about art and life, people coming together and finding freedom in their own opinions, feeling comfortable to share their own thoughts, as well as accepting and respecting the individual interpretation of others; helping us to remember that we coincide as a collective but we all live in our own reality.

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SoLD A T-ShirT :o)

Big Thanks to the person who has bought a t-shirt with my drawing, “310112” on it :o)
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BigThanks for T-Shirt Sale

A big massive thanks to the person who just bought a long sleeve t-shirt of “310112”, which is one of my newly uploaded drawings! /
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An insight into ME - Update of Artist Statement

Kelly Boyle / Female / Age 29 / Born in Wakefield / Residing in Leeds / Thou shall not sit quiet until spoken to / Thou shall dare to question everything / Thou shall have free independent thought / Thou shall explore life and find your own answers / Thou shall have courage in what you believe / Thou shall embrace your individuality / Why do I Produce? / • To stop me going crazy – It distracts me…
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BUY MY PAINTINGS AND DRAWINGS AT LEEDS OUTDOOR BAR FESTIVAL 2009Today at 6:45pmI’ve got a market stall selling my paintings and drawings at the brewery wharf bar fest, Leeds / CHECK OUT BELOW DETAILS / Saturday 16.05.09 is LEEDS OUTDOOR BAR FESTIVAL 2009 – featuring Leeds’ Best Bar Tender Competition, LIve DJ’s & Percussionists, Funky Market Stalls, Break Dancing, Live…
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