Keelan McMorrow is an autodidactic artist originally from Rockford, Illinois with a life-long obsession in visual art.
He sells both original work and is available for commissions: contact him or check out his website at www.keelanmcmorrow.com. While you’re there you can take a look at some more of his art and sign up on his mailing list for updates about new work and future events.
For fun Keelan likes to read books (and lots of them), write, play in punk rock bands and with animals, cook, get lost in the woods, and ride around on his Schwinn beach cruiser bicycle. He currently calls Chicago home.



  • Age: 34
  • Joined: October 2007


On facebook: Thanks for the support!

To Everyone on Redbubble, / Thanks so much for the very encouraging and always welcome support. In another slight attempt at shameless self-promotion, I’m pushing a facebook fan page in order to keep people informed without being a complete pest. If you’re on facebook, you can fan me here: facebook fan page. I’d appreciate it. Really. / Thanks! / -Keelan
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